PES 5 / WE9 / WE9LE Ball Physics v4.7 by Kingsley813

PES 5 / WE9 / WE9LE Ball Physics by Kingsley813

This is a modified .exe for Pro Evolution Soccer 5 / Winning Eleven 9 & Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Edition. With the new .exe users can experience new gameplay since the ball physics is changed.


- Modified ball physics - completely different feel to player/ball interactions. 
- Lower gravity and modified air resistance for a heavier ball    : goal kicks travel further
- Less of the stupid bounce between passes - more realistic through balls and ball is more 'alive'
- Reduced stickiness to player's feet - the ball rolls away from the feet more and makes first touch more important.

Download : You can download PES 5 / WE 9 / WE9LE by Kingsley813 here.

How to Use :

1. Extract the rar file with WinRAR.

2. Backup your original file .exe PES 5 / WE9 / WE9LE.

3. Overwrite with the new one PES 5 / WE9 / WE9LE exe file.

4. Done :)

Credits : Kingsley813


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