PES 2020 Faces Neymar Jr [ Bald ] by Valentinlgs10

PES 2020 Faces Neymar Jr by Valentinlgs10

PES 2020 Faces Neymar Jr by Valentinlgs10

New player faces for eFootball PES 2020 PC. Thanks to Valentinlgs10 Facemaker.

How to Use :

1. Extract the file with WinRAR,

2a. If the face is not a CPK file, you need to make it to CPK first, you can follow it here.

2b. Copy .CPK file to your PES 2020 download folder.

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\download\

3. Generate with PES 2020 DpFileList Generator.

4. Done.

PES 2020 Nesa24 Camera Modules 2.2 for Sider 6 by Juce [PES 2020 1.04.00]

PES 2020 Nesa24 Camera Modules for Sider 6 by Juce

PES 2020 Nesa24 Camera Modules for Sider 6 by Juce

So you know how every update of the game exe messes up some of the Sider modules? Cameras, in particular, are a good example of that. Because they modify very specific locations in memory, once the exe updates, those locations need to be updated too. Good news is that very often, there is no need to do that task manually: if a module is written in certain way, it can adapt to changes in the exe and automatically find those magical addresses (similar to how camera.lua module that is included in sider archive does it).

The reverse engineering work that @nesa24 did to find those addresses for Height, Zoom, Pitch, Angle, etc. for various cameras is extremely valuable and should be recognized as modding kung-fu of the highest order. It's pretty awesome, and you all should know it. In order for us to still benefit from his findings, even after the next "yaku" (Yet Another Konami Update), I re-wrote the Lua modules for the following cameras:

Live Broadcast Camera (BroadCastCam.lua)
Common Camera - "Midrange","Long","Wide","Pitch (Field) Side", "Custom" (CommonCam.lua)
Dynamic Wide Camera (DynamicWideCam.lua)
Fan View Camera (FanViewCam.lua)
Penalty Kick Camera (Penalty_zh.lua)
Replay Camera (ReplayCam.lua)
Stadium Camera (StadiumCam.lua)
Vertical Camera (VerticalCam.lua)

New versions of these modules are now:

1. Adaptable. Meaning that they can work with any game exe - old, new, etc. Whenever Konami updates exe again, they will adapt to that too.

2. Safe. If the module cannot find the necessary locations in memory, it will report error on startup and disable itself. You will see information in sider.log on what went wrong, but there will be no crashes caused by writing into wrong places in memory.

All game research credit: @nesa24



How to install:

1. copy the modules folder into your sider folder. Replace old files with new, if Windows asks you about it.

2. modify your sider.ini. Make sure you have these lines in it:

lua.module = "lib\nesalib.lua"
lua.module = "BroadCastCam.lua"
lua.module = "CommonCam.lua"
lua.module = "DynamicWideCam.lua"
lua.module = "FanViewCam.lua"
lua.module = "Penalty_zh.lua"
lua.module = "ReplayCam.lua"
lua.module = "StadiumCam.lua"
lua.module = "VerticalCam.lua"

PES 2020 KitServer 2020 v1.6 by Juce

PES 2020 KitServer 2020 by Juce

This sider module, written in Lua, is a new take on that original idea of Kitserver. It allows a lot of freedom in managing kits (uniforms), and also makes it very simple for anyone to draw their own kit and add it to an existng collection. This overall hierarchy of kits - we call it “GDB” (again an old name, which some of you might recognize) - is really just a way to organize kits into folders with a structure that hopefully makes sense and is simple enough to navigate.

Go on, download, and give it a try. The archive includes two sample kit collections: for Arsenal and Chelsea, prepared for you by our kit masters: @Hawke, @Nemanja, and @Cesc Fabregas. Note that Chelsea kits are disabled by default - you will need to make sure you have Chelsea licensed, then enable its kits in Kitserver by uncommenting (removing the leading '#' symbol) in map.txt. There is work in progress also right now to create more kit collections - for a lot more teams.

Installation is easy:

1. Unpack the archive and copy the content and modules folders into your sider.

2. Modify your sider.ini and add kserv.lua to the list of Lua modules:

lua.module = "kserv.lua"

3. Save sider.ini and done.

Features :

unlimited kits for players and goalkeepers (for licensed teams only, right now)
visual reference in pre-match menu: you see your selected kits, and you can also switch between "Player" and "Goalkeeper" mode
in Edit mode, Kitserver provides a simple but powerful "Editor" of all supported attributes of a kit. So you can fine-tune the exact position of number on shorts, or size of the number on the back, etc. ( Many thanks to @zlac - author of the Editor! )
support for CompKits (competition kits), where Kitserver will load competition-specific kits, if they are specified for a given team for current competition.

Kitserver is brought to you by a team of people: @zlac, @Hawke, @Cesc Fabregas, @mota10, @Nemanja, @juce.


How to update your existing Kitserver

If you already using Kitserver, then you just need to replace modules/kserv.lua with the new file from the archive.


- extended ranges of allowed values for ChestNumberY and NameY kit attributes. You will need this, if you are using new sider 6.3.2 and Kit Studio v1.0.4.


- automatic selection of goalkeeper kits, using color-matching algorithm

This comes into play only if you have more than 1 goalkeeper kit available for selection for either of the teams. In this case, Kitserver will try to choose a kit that is most different from the player kits of both home and away team - to avoid clashing with either of them. (Note that home GK is not compared to away GK, but only to player kits)

More Info [ IMPORTANT ] :

PES 2020 Kit Studio 2020 v1.04 by Zlac

PES 2019 Kit Studio 2019

PES 2020 Kit Studio 2020 - UniColor, UniformParameter & KitConfig editor, GDB exporter by Zlac

A new updated version of Kit Studi for eFootball PES 2020 PC Version. It includes UniColor, UniformParameter & KitConfig editor.


  • Supports only PC files - console files are NOT supported directly (use multi-converter to convert your files from/to console formats)
  • kits per team configuration
    • kit types - normal, GK, CL (still available to choose, but won't work in-game, due to removal of licensed Champions League mode)
    • kit icons
    • kit colors (for kit selection menu, etc.)
  • add/remove kits to team (up to 10 kits per team)
  • conversion of unlicensed team entries to licensed (e.g. to enable CL kits)
  • ability to delete unwanted unlicensed team entries (e.g. duplicated teams)
  • ability to add new team entries (e.g. for extra teams that you already created by yourself in Team.bin)
  • ability to delete licensed team entries via popup menu
  • saved .bin files are always zlib-compressed
  • improved team filtering by name - filter boxes now accept all characters (interpunction, characters with umlauts, carets, etc.)
  • filters accept team Id's and team names
  • hex color-codes displayed in color pickers
  • export/import of individual licensed team entries via popup menu
  • mass csv export/import for all teams
  • colored mini-kit icons preview (based on PES 2015 kit icons - may not be 100% accurate for PES 2020)
  • ability to unlicense licensed team entries (two options - unlicensing of the unicolor entry only or unlicensing in both unicolor.bin and team.bin file) via pop-up menu
  • realUni .bin config files editing
  • synchronization of kit references between UniColor.bin and EDIT00000000 (from Unicolor to EDIT only) - semi-experimental option that may (or may not) solve the problems that appear when changes to kit distribution in UniColor do not show in-game because the game (i.e. community patches) is already using EDIT00000000 file with different kit distribution.
  • ability to delete kits stored in EDIT00000000, that were created in Edit mode (two options - deletion of all edit mode kits per individual licensed team (on 'Licensed UniColor entries' tab) and global deletion of each and every edit mode kit available (on 'Misc' tab)) - another semi-experimental feature which may or may not solve the problems that appear because data in UniColor and EDIT00000000 are not ideally synchronized.
  • [NEW in 2020, v1.0.2] RefereeColor.bin support - adding more slots for referee kits and editing base colors for referee kits
  • [NEW in 2020, v1.0.3] TeamColor.bin support - editing team-related colors
  • [NEW in 2020, v1.0.3] changing the .exe and data pack versions stored in EDIT00000000 file (v1.0.2 was only able to display those numbers)
More Info ( Important ) :



To all evo-webbers who actively participated in discussions related to PES 2015 kit relinking, CL kits, etc.
Special thanks goes to @Горан for his unicolor hex-map and to @*aLe for csv beta-testing
Special thanks also goes to @GOAL for his KitManager 2016 - reverse-engineering of the modifications that his tool makes in realUni .bin files made it possible to create kit configurator in KitStudio 2017 and 2018
@shawminator and 2019/2020 test crew (@Hawke, @mota10, @Lucas RK, @Cesc Fabregas, @pop1806, @Nemanja )

Sider 6.3.2 by Juce [Compatible with PES 2020 1.04.00]

Sider 6 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 by Juce

Sider is a companion program for PES 2020 and PES 2020 Lite. It allows for small tweaks - such as "free side-select" (which is where sider gets its name from), and time expander for the demo version. It also facilitates game mods, created by the modding community. The two main features are LiveCPK and the scripting engine, where you can write your own mods in Lua programming language.

LiveCPK makes it possible to replace game content at run-time with content from files stored on disk, instead of having to pack everything into CPK-archives. (This feature is similar to Kitserver's AFS2FS and to FileLoader for earler versions of PES). Depending on how and when exactly the game reads the replaced files, you can even live-edit some things, like textures or 3D models, without exiting the game.

If you know a little bit how to program, you can write your own game logic using Sider's scripting engine. This requires some reading and understanding of how the game works, but it's really not that hard ;-) See scripting.html - for detailed documentation on that.

Sider 6.3.2 works with PES 2020 1.04.00

Features :

- Time extender (match.minutes option) --> See this post
- LiveCPK
- Most of Lua scripting engine is supported (except for "kits"), including overlay
- Camera module with Fanview camera controls and replays on/off switch. All credit to @nesa24 for game internals research.
- New event: "set_match_settings" - allows to enable extra time and penalties, as well as set difficulty to 6 (Legend?).



1. Extract with WinRAR and done ( Sider 6 doesn't need to be extracted in game folder, you can place Sider anywhere 😀 )

2.  Run sider.exe, it will open a small window, which you can minimize if you want

3. Run the game and Sider should automatically attach to the game process.

Thread :

*See doc/readme.txt for information on how to use it. The livecpk/ball-root is an example of LiveCPK usage, with Champions League ball created by @Hawke.


The "one-click launch" mode is a new way to run sider. It works like this: You start sider; sider will launch the game, wait for it to start and have its sider.dll loaded into game process. After that, the sider.exe program will exit, but the game will continue to run with sider activated (via sider.dll). Note that this new mode is disabled by default. To enable, add this line to your sider.ini file: = "steam://rungameid/996470"

The traditional way - where you first start sider, then start the game - is also still supported

Homepage/Manual Instruction [ Important ] :



- corrections for kit attributes: ChestNumberY, NameY
- bug-fix: non-ASCII filenames are supported now by audio lib

- overlay toggle plays when toggled on/off by gamepad


Quick update for 6.3 release:
- bug-fix: if overlay is disabled in sider.ini, then any attempt to play a sound with audio lib will crash the game (Thanks @predator002 for bug report!)

- minor documentation fixes


This is a major release with some internal things reworked and also new features added.

What's new:
- audio library to play music and sounds (MP3/WAV/FLAC). See docs - for many examples (with CR7 too).
- all dependencies statically linked into sider.dll: no external DLLs needed
- new HTML documentation. With pictures :) Read it! (No more excuses for incorrect installation)
- experimental match stats library: get current score, match clock.

The new shiny HTML docs are included in the 6.3.0 archive, and are also available online here:

PES 2020 [ Sider Module ] GFX Lod by Nesa24 [PES 2020 1.04.00]

PES 2020 [ Sider Module ] GFX Lod by Nesa24

PES 2020 [ Sider Module ] GFX Lod by Nesa24

Simple lua module to increase or decrease LOD Settings in eFootball PES 2020. Might helpful if you don't have powerful PC but want to run eFootball PES 2020.

*Updated by Digitalfoxx


Default values 0x32 [ 50 decimal ] and 0x64 [ 100 decimal ]

Maximum supported value is 0xFF [ 255 ]


How to Use :

1. Install Sider 6

2. Extract with WinRAR, copy lua file into \modules folder

3. Open sider.ini with notepad and add this line lua.module = "GFX_lod.lua"

4. Save it and done.

5. Now open sider.exe and play PES 2020 via Steam.

Settings :

-Writes 0x20 [ 32 ] and 0x40 [ 64 ] as Minimum LOD or Maximum LOD values 0xFF [ 255 ]

Support by donating via PayPal:

*Updated by digitalfoxxx

PES 2020 [Sider module] Goalsong Server v1.0 for Sider 6.3.1+ by Zlac

PES 2020 [Sider module] Goalsong Server by Zlac

Module that enables playing of goal songs, when home team (and sometimes away team too, depending on specific competition) scores a goal.

Current version: 1.00
Minimum version of Sider required: 6.3.1


# GDB-style goal song management - add as many goal songs as you want in a GDB-like folder structure
# any audio format supported by sider audio library can be used - .mp3, .wav, ...

# Song assignment to individual teams via map_teams.txt file - pretty much self-explanatory, BUT YOU MUST READ THE introductory comment lines (starting with #-sing) in map_teams.txt - there is explained how to properly format individual text lines that will connect team ID with one GDB-song

  ## Multiple songs can be assigned to each team - not recommended, but in this case, ONE song belonging to the team will be selected RANDOMLY​

# Song assignment to specific competitions via map_competitions.txt file - again, pretty much self-explanatory, BUT AGAIN YOU MUST READ THE introductory comment lines (starting with #-sing) in map_competitions.txt - there is explained how to properly format individual text lines that will connect competition ID with one GDB-song

  ## Some competition are known to have special rules for goal songs - e.g. last UEFA EURO and last FIFA World Cup had their own tournament goal songs​
### Special parameter exclusive_song - must be used in map_competitions.txt to define how tournament-level goal songs interact with normal goal songs for teams (AGAIN: READ THE INTRO IN map_competitions.txt).​

  # UEFA Euro is by default configured in map_competitions.txt file with "exclusive_song" parameter to play only tournament-level song.​
    # FIFA World Cup is configured by default in map_competitions.txt file to play tournament-level song first and then the song of the team that scored the goal​
    # ICC is hard-coded in .lua script to play song of either home or away team (no tournament-level song!) - if you want to have more competitions behaving like ICC, edit "comp_both_teams_songs" table in .lua script and add ID's of competitions​

 comp_both_teams_songs table in .lua

[INDENT=3][INDENT=3][INDENT=3][INDENT=3]local comp_both_teams_songs = {[/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT]
  ## Multiple songs can be assigned to each competition too - again, not recommended, but in this case, ONE song belonging to the competition will be selected RANDOMLY​

# overlay support - master volume used to play the goal songs can be dynamically changed via sider's overlay - either by keyboard or by gamepad

# volume correction per song - map .txt files (both for teams and competitions) include volume_correction parameter for each text assignment line.

   ## volume correction value (ranging from -1 to 1) will be automatically added to the master volume​
 ## although quick and handy, it is not the recommended way of balancing the volume - RECOMMENDED WAY: adjust the loudness of problematic sound file using proper audio editing tools (e.g. free-ware Audacity)​


Current limitations:

This script uses newly introduced matchstats library in latest sider, to keep track of the score changes and to determine which side scored the goal. Some limitations are present due to the matchstats library and the way the game updates the score in memory (which is then read by matchstats library) - for the moment these limitations cannot be fixed:

1. There's a mandatory delay of 2-3 seconds between the actual start of a celebration scene and the moment when game updates the score internally. You can see that moment on scoreboard too - e.g. the exact moment when score changes visually from 0-0 to 1-0. Then and only then can matchstats library detect change in score and initiate the goal song.

2. If the goal celebration scene is skipped early, then unfortunately score detection cannot be made until kick-off scene appears - and the goal song might play only then - but very briefly, and it will be stopped when the conceding team actually kicks the ball back into play.

3. Own goals - score is updated very late by the game, so matchstats library cannot detect the change during "gk's flabbergastedness" scene - therefore song might play briefly only at kickoff (see previous point). Kudos to Konami for unintended sportsmanship :)


How to install


1. Make sure you have the latest sider installed - 6.3.1 or newer

2. Add this line in your sider.ini to enable match-stats library - YOU MUST DO THIS!!

match-stats.enabled = 1

Somewhere near the top would be best - like this:

debug = 0
close.on.exit = 0
start.minimized = 1 = "steam://rungameid/996470" = 1
livecpk.enabled = 1
match-stats.enabled = 1

3. Unpack the v1.0 archive and copy folders content and modules into your sider folder (overwrite if asked).

4. Add lua.module = "GoalsongServer.lua" to the appropriate section in sider.ini (under CommonLib, if you have it, but otherwise it does not matter much whether it is somewhere in the middle or at the end)

5. Customize map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files and add more songs in content\goalsong-server folder (only a small nimber of songs are included together with the script!!)


@juce and @nesa24 for sider
@juce for testing and tips
@Jensehc for fixing the volume levels in sample songs
To unknown users uploading the tunes on the interwebz

PES 2020 InGame_ColorChanger by Digitalfoxx [PES 2020 1.04.00]

PES 2020 InGame_ColorChanger by Digitalfoxx

PES 2020 InGame_ColorChanger by Digitalfoxx

Simple lua module to change ingame color by Digitalfoxx from PESWEB.


How to install:

1) unpack archive and copy and "modules" folders into your sider.

2) enable the module in sider.ini by adding this line:

lua.module = "ColorConfig.lua"

3) enjoy it


PES 2020 [ Sider Module ] Sound Server by Nesa24 [PES 2020 1.04.00]

PES 2020 [ Sider Module ] Sound Server by Nesa24

PES 2020 [ Sider Module ] Sound Server by Nesa24

SoundServer is module to manage game sounds volume based on Home Team [ as Stadiums are assigned to teams ingame ]. You setup your desired volume in SoundServer.txt with HomeTeam id and values for


So it allows you to boost game or nerf volume so for example louder crowd on Arsenal then Bologna

Default values are

# SoundServer for PES 2020 sider [ HomeTeam ID, Values]
# HomeTeamID, MenuVolume, MusicVolume, CommentaryVolume, CrowdVolume, AnnouncVolume, StadiumMusic,  StadiumSounds
# Default ingame max is 1
101, 2, 2, 1.5, 1.8, 1, 1, 2
186, 1, 1, 0.4, 1, 1, 1, 2


How to Use :

1. Install Sider 6

2. Extract with WinRAR, copy both .lua and .txt files to \modules folder

3. Open sider.ini with notepad and add this line lua.module = "SoundServer.lua"

4. Save it and done.

5. Now open sider.exe and play PES 2020 via Steam.

Settings :

You can try changing the settings by editing different values inside SoundServer.txt

Support by donating via PayPal:


PES 2020 DpFileList Generator 1.1 DLC 4.00 by MjTs-140914

eFootball PES 2020 DpFileList Generator by MjTs-140914

PES 2020 DpFileList Generator is a simple tool to organize your CPK File. With this tool you can organize and add many cpk file to your eFootball PES 2020 game.


- Generate automatically DpFileList.bin with maximum of 64 CPKs
- Select needed cpk-files
- Sort selected cpk-Files via Drag&Drop
- Read already existing DpFileList.bin
- Updated GUI


Credits : MJTS 140914

Facebook :

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