PES 2021/PES 2020 Stadium Server v1.50 by Zlac

PES 2021/PES 2020 Stadium Server by Zlac

Finally, new release of stadium server script for eFootball PES 2020 PC. With this script you can use many stadiums as you want in eFootball PES 2020.  Sider 6 is required to be installed.

[NEW in 1.20] Starting form v1.20, Stadium server does not use hard-coded teams_with_cpk_homegrounds table in .lua script to preserve links to original .cpk home grounds. Instead of using this hard-coded table, new approach is that every team with real stadium made by Konami must also be listed in map_teams.txt - this also means that all of you will have to manually update your map_teams.txt files with ~40 default entries (copy-paste ready list is available both in this post and within downloaded 1.20 update files)

This change made it possible for stadium server to force proper home grounds in one-legged domestic-cup competitions too - many of you have noticed that when playing e.g. FA Cup or DFB Pokal with teams that use real stadiums made by Konami (Bayern, Manchester United, Arsenal, Schalke 04, ...), game forces you to use any random original stadium. This is, sadly, how the game is coded to play single-legged cup-matches - it never uses assigned home grounds, but always selects random stadium.

Starting with Stadium server 1.20, this problem can be remedied, but all users will have to manually update their existing map_teams.txt files to make it possible. To make it as clear as possible - manual update to map_teams.txt is mandatory for ALL USERS - not only for those that play single-legged cups with particular teams. Only with updated map_teams.txt file can you be sure that original Konami stadiums will be correctly used as home grounds across ALL competitions!!



1. Install Sider 6.

2. Extract rar file with WinRAR

3. Copy folders content and modules where sider.exe file is located.

4. Download and install CommLib.lua

5. Add lua.module = "StadiumServer.lua" near the top of the Extension modules section in sider.ini (but still BELOW lua.module = "lib\CommonLib.lua" if you use CommonLib too)

6. Add lua.module = "WeatherConditions.lua" directly below stadium server entry (directly below lua.module = "StadiumServer.lua") in sider.ini

5. Customize map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files and add more stadium folders in content\stadium-server folder (NO STADIUMS are included together with the script!!)

6. Please, read carefully all the comments inside map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files! Always use leading zeroes when writing stadium ID's!

How to update from 1.00 to 1.20

1. Make sure you have fully functioning 1.00 installed ( Read the instruction above )

2. Unpack the v1.2 archive and copy folders content and modules into your sider folder (overwrite when asked).

3. Open content\stadium-server\ADD THIS TO YOUR EXISTING map_teams.txt file and copy-paste its content into your existing map_teams.txt file (doesn't really matter where, but preferably at the end of the file) and save changes - to ensure that stadium server properly handles real stadiums made by Konami. Don't replace entire map file - ADD those lines to your existing map_teams.txt

Add this line :

List of entries to be added to your map_teams.txt (copy/pasted from ADD THIS TO YOUR EXISTING map_teams.txt file)

IMPORTANT: Step 3. adds all teams that use REAL stadiums made by Konami to map_teams.txt and re-assigns REAL Konami stadiums as their home grounds. No additional stadium downloads required, those entries just point to original Konami .cpk stadiums.

Q: But I was already using better version of Konami's stadium XYZ from stadium server and after pasting above lines, stadium server forces me to use original Konami's version of XYZ again? How do I force it back to use better version of XYZ from stadium server's content?

A: Keep your old entry in map_teams.txt that assigned better version of XYZ stadium and remove corresponding new entry from 1.20 updated map.

E.g. delete newly added 1.20-related line "121, 030, San Siro, Konami\San Siro # Milan" if you want to use your own version of San Siro for AC Milan instead of the Konami's original.
Rinse&repeat for other similar situations too.

Stadium Server v1.21 Fix

Simple fix for wrong overlay info in exhibition mode (sometimes incorrect previews and stadium names, when multiple stadiums share same ID)

How to install:

1. Make sure you have both 1.00 and 1.20 installed

2. Unpack the v1.21 fix archive and copy folder modules into your sider folder (overwrite when asked)

Stadium Server v1.25 Update

How to Install:

1. Make sure you have both 1.00 and 1.20 installed (1.21 fix can also be installed, but v1.21 fix is now optional for fresh installation, since v1.25 contains v1.21 fix too)

2. Unpack the v1.25 archive and copy folder modules into your sider folder (overwrite when asked)

Features :

# GDB-style unlimited stadium management - add as many stadiums as you want in a GDB-like folder structure

# Mostly unchanged stadium packaging - stadium structure remains almost identical to the .cpk version, meaning that entire stadium directory tree (starting with "Asset" and "common" folders) can be copy-pasted into one top-level GDB folder. These folders (and their subfolders) from the usual stadium-related cpk-tree are currently supported:


for adboards - only config.xml is supported, for stadiums that need to REMOVE adboards completely!! (NOT TESTED IN 2020!)


IMPORTANT: db files (common\etc\... data_st_list.bin, Stadium.bin, StadiumOrder.bin, StadiumOrderInConfederation.bin) for stadium registration are not required. DO NOT INCLUDE THOSE!!​

# Stadium assignment to individual home teams via map_teams.txt file - pretty much self-explanatory, see the supplied map_teams.txt file for examples of how to connect team ID with one GDB-stadium

# Stadium assignment to competitions via map_competitions.txt file - use it to connect competition/tournament ID with one or more stadiums from GDB.
All teams participating in particular competition can either use identical stadium (if ony one stadium is assigned to that competition) or have one of the stadiums assigned randomly if there's more than one stadium assigned to that competition.

   ## It is possible to assign unlimited number of stadiums to the same competition - in this case, ONE RANDOM stadium will be selected for every home team that:
participates in that competition, BUT DOES NOT have individual stadium assigned in map_teams.txt file

Two stadiums assigned to EPL in map_competitions.txt - random selection in-game
IMPORTANT: by default, competition assignment would always take priority over team assignment in any game mode, but that can be easily configured within .lua script.

To override this default behavior, you can slightly modify StadiumServer.lua script itself - add/remove competition IDs in override_competitions table, thus defining more or less competitions where individual team assignments from map_teams.txt takes priority over competition assignment from map_competitions.txt

Default stadium server script already includes an exhaustive override_competitions table, which should cover all available exhibition, league and league-cup matches - so that you can keep individual stadiums for those teams that already have one in map_teams.txt, while all the other teams without individual stadium would get randomly selected stadium from map_competitions.txt

## Support for optional stadium to be used in final match of the competition only - again, pretty much self-explanatory. See map_competitions.txt file for more details
CAUTION: if multiple stadiums are assigned to a single competition and you want to use specific stadium for finals, then you must include stadium for final match IN EVERY stadium assignment
Spoiler: FA cup setup with 2 random stadiums used before final match and Konami's original Old Trafford for final match only

# Manual stadium selection via in-game overlay - manually selected stadium has highest priority and overrides any assignments made via map_*.txt files. IMPORTANT: Only stadiums explicitly assigned in either map_teams.txt or map_competitions.txt are available for manual selection!

# Exhibition mode behavior - stadium assignment logic is in-line with the usual game behavior:
IMPORTANT: Stadium server will be active in exhibition mode ONLY if you have selected one of the following:

"Home ground" setting in stadium menu or
"Random" setting in stadium menu or
Manual selection of stadium via sider overlay

This enables you to use any stadium from your .cpk pack and additional stadium server's stadiums side by side.
"Random" setting in exhibition mode is going to select stadium either from your .cpk pack or from stadium server's repository.
Complementing this, an additional lua table is available to be customized inside the script (teams_with_cpk_homegrounds table), to customize which teams should keep their .cpk+EDIT assigned home grounds (e.g. Barcelona -> Konami's Camp Nou, Team X -> Stadium X from your .cpk, etc.).

# Correct stadium previews and stadium names - displayed in game menus (where available, depending on game mode) and scoreboards

# More/less detailed level of logging - in config.ini file, property "detailed_logging" controls whether more info will be logged to sider log (value "1") or less info (value "0")

# Stadium customization via weather-conditions based AddOn system - allows easier creation and application of 3rd party mods to a specific GDB stadium (turf mods for specific stadium, gfx_mod, etc.)

# Stadium previews visible on overlay, when possible

Current limitations/issues:

1. No support for replay mode yet - if you're going to watch a saved replay of a match that has been played on custom stadium, you'll see black screen with adboards only during replay at best (perhaps it may also crash the game) - current version of sider does not support replay gallery!

2. adboards handling - by default, stadium server does not allow for custom adboards embedded within stadiums. 

It works safely only with special blank adboards template (which should be used only to fully remove adboards from stadiums) and allows for supplying a custom version of config.xml database for adboards (to assign blank template to the stadium).

Custom adboard models, "baked" directly into stadium 3d model are neither safe nor meant to be used via stadium server - adboards available via global ad-boards system (.cpk files or sider's live.cpk root) should work well with stadiums from stadium server too!

3. IMPORTANT: cooperation with other .lua scripts that use "set_stadium" and "set_conditions" events - unfortunately, because of the way the stadiums are structured and handled by the game, it was necessary for StadiumServer.lua to use set_stadium event exclusively to force the game to use the exact stadium ID of the new stadium, in order to load all the files that belong to that stadium.
Another approach, which would not "steal" set_stadium event (i.e. trying to override the files of any stadium that the game would like to use) did not prove successful, because stadiums simply are not file-for-file compatible, causing various artifacts when trying to replace e.g. stadium using ID 016 with custom stadium using any other ID
  • Bottom-line - if you want StadiumServer to work, you must not give HIGHER PRIORITY to any other .lua script that also uses "set_stadium" event to change stadium_id (i.e. StadiumServer.lua must be above any other "lua.module=" lines for scripts that use set_stadium event too)
  • Using other scripts that control weather conditions and time of day - stadium server works together with @Baris's script "WeatherConditions.lua" - if weather conditions are NOT changed neither via stadium server itself (manual selection via ingame overlay) nor via cooperation with "WeatherConditions.lua" script, then you can still use 3rd party scripts that handle "set_conditions" event (but to be on the safe side of the story, place your set_conditions related 3rd party scripts below both StadiumServer.lua and WeatherConditions.lua in sider.ini

Fore More Info :


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