FIFA 16 i68 Controller 2.2.9 by iard68

FIFA 16 i68 Controller

FIFA 16 i68 Controller by iard68

The function of the program is managing and editing the new-gen versions of the FIFA series, the simulation game of EASports that, for years, has become a passion for many of us.

New season, new update! The new i68 Controller is now compatible with FIFA 16 and it includes the following features:

LAUNCHER – allows you to start the game in online/offline modes (preserving edits as much as possible) and to manage up to five installations of the game simultaneously.

REGENERATOR – with which you can rewrite the index files, so that the game can really use our editings.

INSTALLER – add and replace pretty much any file to your game.

MERGER – a powerful utility for db editers and skilled users with which you can blend data from esported tables and full databases.

SCRIPTER *SOON* – a new tool for the creation and execution of lists of commands with which to modify the database, some settings of the career mode, and much more along the way. The suite also allows to show NEWS and directly distribute and install PATCHES !


FIFA 16 i68 Controller by iard68

Download : You can download i68 Controller from FIFA-Infinity here or from mirror link over here.

Homepage :

Changelog 2.2.9 :

– Minor Updates

Credits : iard68, Rinaldo, malloc84, scouser09


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