FIFA 16 FHL-BH-Editor by Bernd


FIFA 16 FHL-BH-Editor by Bernd

With the FHL-BH-Editor you can see, which files of the fifa-big-files are activated in the bh-files (fifa will not look after them in the folders) and wich files are deactivated (fifa will look after them in the folders). You can activate and deactivate them with checkboxes by easy.

Anyway there are two buttons: Regenerate all bh-files with and without looking after the extern files in the directories. Further there are two buttons to do the same thing but only for a selected bh-file, not for all (works much faster and can be usefull if you edited files of only one big file). The fifa-main-path will be read out automaticly like in all tools made by MyFHL-Editing, so you have not to change it.

Here you can see a screenshot of the tool:

FIFA 16 FHL-BH-Editor by Bernd

Download : You can download FIFA 16 FHL-BH-Editor by Bernd from its official site here or from mirror link here.

New features:
- all BH files from FIFA included (not just the main directory)
- included command line parser

Command-Line syntax:
FHL-BH-Editor.exe <developer_key> <command> <file>

available values:

care = regenerate (take care of extern files)
ignore = regenerate (ignore extern files)

name of the bh-file without extension
or the string "all", if you want to regenerate all files with the selected option.

You can get a developer key via E-Mail or private message, if you send Bernd an url to your patch-thread.

FHL-BH-Editor.exe YOUR_KEY care data_audio1_extra
FHL-BH-Editor.exe YOUR_KEY ignore all

Homepage :

Credits : Bernd


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