FIFA 18 ModdingWay Mod is Cancelled


FIFA 18 ModdingWay Mod

Ariel from has announced that the team from has cancelled the upcoming release of FIFA 18 ModdingWay Mod due tools available are not good enough to provide a decent experience. This news is quite surprising because previously there has been hope for the presence of the latest version ModdingWay Mod for FIFA 18 after absent in FIFA 17.

FIFA 18 ModdingWay Mod is Cancelled

Since the game engine changes from Ignite to Frostbite, modding in FIFA 17 / FIFA 18 is quite difficult compared to FIFA version 14, FIFA 15 or FIFA 16. Maybe in FIFA 19 there will be hope ModdingWay will release the newest version someday The good news that you get is ModdingWay will still support the modding world in FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16. So for those of you who are still using the old FIFA of course this news will be very good ! For additional information you can visit moddingway forum or their official facebook.

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