PES 2018 PESEditor2018 PS4 v1.1 by SMcCutcheon

PES 2018 PESEditor2018 PS4 by SMcCutcheon

The first release on the PS4 PESEditor2018. It's created by SmCcutcheon. Would like to say this wouldn't be possible without the decryption and encryption tool by -Panos-. This tool is built in Microsoft Excel 2016 and hasn't been tested on any other version. For more information, you can follow discussion thread below.

Instruction :

- Export chosen team export file from PS4 to PC using a USB or other storage device.
- Decrypt file using Panos' tool (see his thread for instruction)
- Open Excel and PS4 PESEditor2018 v1.1
- Click to Start -> LOAD DECRYPTED FILE -> select '' file
- Edit what you like, within reason. Stick to PES2018 parameters or you'll get errors.
- When finished editing, click the COPY TO HEX EDITOR button and paste in to an empty HEX file (I use HxD)
- Overwrite your decrypted file
- Encrypt file using Panos' tool (see instructions on his thread)
- Send back to PS4 on USB and Import via the Edit menu
-Before editing a 2nd team, click RESET EDITOR


PES 2018 PESEditor2018 PS4 by SMcCutcheon

Download : To download PESEditor2018 PS4 by SMcCutcheon, you can use this link. The password is evo-web

Thread :

Credits : SMcCutcheon, -Panos-, Albiore


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