PES 2018 Europe Addon Pack v2 by DrDoooMuk

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES 2018 Europe Addon Pack by DrDoooMuk

Thanks to EvoWeb Forum Community especially DrDoooMuk, Hawke, majuh, Cesc Fabregas for making this magnificient adboards collection. Complete your adboard collection with an adboard made by the evoweb forum community. In it already has a variety of collection of adboards that can be used for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. So if you are bored with the default Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 adboard can use PES 2018 EvoWeb Community Adboards.

This is the new addon pack for PES 2018 EvoWeb Community Adboards, this will add many adboards to your Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC. Please remember, to use this addon pack, you need the following files

- PES 2018 Europe Addon Pack v1
- Hawke's Evoweb ads Addon v2

Content :

Europe Addon Pack v1  :

AC Milan
AS Roma 
Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid
Paris Saint Germain
Serie B
Add Fly Emirates/Samsung Banners to Madrid's stadium
Edited ALL Lighting files for the Video adboards for EVERY stadium.

Europe Addon Pack v2

Lighting fixes for Video adboards at ALL stadiums including DLC 2 stadiums
Adboards for All Eredivisie teams 2017/2018 COMPLETE


Download : This mod is 100% free, you can download it from this link. It includes PES 2018 Europe Addon Pack v1 & Europe Addon Pack v2 by DrDoooMuk

Installation :

1. Copy all CPK files to your PES 2018 Download folder

C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\download\

2. Open PES 2018 DpFileList Generator Set the CPK order like this

EW AB Addon v2.cpk

3. Now click Generate !

Thread :

Credits : DrDoooMuk, Hawke, Evo-Web.


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