FIFA 19 Faces Luka Jović by Ofisix

FIFA 19 Faces Luka Jović by Ofisix

FIFA 19 Faces Luka Jović by Ofisix

New player face for FIFA 19 PC game. To install new FIFA 19 you need to use latest version of Frosty Mod Tools. Thanks to Ofisix for this amazing faces.

*Jovic - Change Head Asset ID to 210047

Installation :

You gonna need Cheat Engine to change faces for players with EA default faces.

1) Download & Install Cheat Engine.

2) Then you gonna need download CM Cheat Table

3) Unzip all folders and files into your Fifa 19 main folder.

4) Download Frosty Mod Manager to organize mods.

So when you download face mods if is a player with real face in game you only should to extract that mod (.fbmod) on Frosty Mod Manager\Mods\FIFA19 and apply.

If is a player with EA default face you should to install like before and more things I'm gonna explain now:

1) Open Fifa 19 and stay on main menu.

2) Open FIFA19.CT (file from CM Cheat Tablet) and wait a few seconds to load.

3) Go to Fifa 19, editing player and stay there.

4) You opened FIFA19.CT so go there and in black window select Player Editor.

5) On this place you can change everything you want about player.

6) Here you have to change 2 things Head Asset ID (when I upload a face I'll say what ID you have to choose) and Head Class Code (this one always select 0)

7) At finish select Apply, go to Fifa 19, go back to players list (without save) go again into that player customization and look at if face is correctly installed.

8) Go back again, this time save and you can enjoy of that player with new face!

Credits : ByOfisix


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