PES 2019 Kitserver v1.2 ( Sider Module ) by Juce

Juce KitServer

PES 2019 Kitserver ( Sider Module ) by Juce 

The good old kitserver is back ! Juce has released new version of Kitserver for PES 2019 PC. This sider module, written in Lua, is a new take on that original idea of Kitserver. It allows a lot of freedom in managing kits (uniforms), and also makes it very simple for anyone to draw their own kit and add it to an existng collection. This overall hierarchy of kits - we call it “GDB” (again an old name, which some of you might recognize :) ) - is really just a way to organize kits into folders with a structure that hopefully makes sense and is simple enough to navigate.

To use PES 2019 Kitserver you need Sider 5 to be installed in your PES 2019 PC. Minimum Sider v5.4.0 is required.

Required :

Features :

- Unlimited kits for players and goalkeepers ( teams must be licensed! Unlicensed teams cannot use Kitserver kits)
- Visual reference in pre-match menu: you see your selected kits, and you can also switch between "Player" and "Goalkeeper" mode
- In Edit mode, Kitserver provides a simple but powerful "Editor" of all supported attributes of a kit. So you can fine-tune the exact position of number on shorts, or size of the number on the back, etc.
- Support for CompKits (competition kits), where Kitserver will load competition-specific kits, if they are specified for a given team for current competition.

Download : PES 2019 Kitserver ( Sider Module ) by Juce

Installation is easy:

1. Install Sider 5.4.0 or newer

2. Unpack kitserver with winrar, copy the content and modules folders into your PES 2019 game folder

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\

3. Open your sider.ini with notepad and add kserv.lua to the list of Lua modules:

lua.module = "kserv.lua"

4. Save it and done ! don't forget to run sider.exe before opening the game !

Thread :

PES 2019 Kitserver by Juce

PES 2019 Kitserver by Juce

PES 2019 Kitserver by Juce



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