How to Create CPK File from PES 2019 Faces Folder

How to Create CPK File from PES 2019 Faces Folder

Here I will give you how to use faces  PES 2019 from non CPK File. Usually modder gives mod face in CPK file, but some of the face release from facemaker is not in CPK form, so you need to make CPK file first before using it.

How to Create CPK File from PES 2019 Faces Folder :

1. Download PES 2019 Face template here.

2. Extract PES 2019 Face template with WinRAR or 7zip.

3. Download any faces from PES 2019 Facemaker for example i'm going to use Marcus Rashford PES 2019 by The White Demon here.

4. Now extract the downloaded faces WinRAR / 7zip, You will find a folder with some number 110638. FYI, Marcus Rashord ID in PES 2019 is 110638. You can check it from PESMaster

or by using PES 2019 Editor by Ejogc327

5. Now go to PES 2019 Face Template and Move 110638 folder to

Asset\model\character\face\real\ ( Place Here )

6. Open CRI File Systems Tools ( CRIPackedFileMaker.exe ) as administrator, now open PES 2019 Face Template location and now start Rebuild PES 2019 Face Template folder with Marcus Rashford Face, just click Build CPK file

7. In CPK Path, you can rename your own CPK file or your preffered save location, for example Marcus Rashford.cpk and click Start to Build. Wait for couple seconds and your CPK file is ready :)

8. Finally you can add PES 2019 Faces CPK file format as usual, copy Marcus Rashford.cpk to the location below and Generate with PES 2019 DpFileList Generator

C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\download\

9. Done !

*This guide can also be applied with PES 2018 Faces.


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