PES 2019 PS4 Option File Classic Teams by Realalibahzad

PES 2019 PS4 Option File Classic Teams by Realalibahzad

Added Classic Club Teams in your Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PS4. Credits and Thanks to Realalibahzad for this option file.

Inter Milan 2007
Man United 1999
AC Milan 2003
O. Lyon 2009
FC Barcelona 2015
Chelsea FC 2006
Real Madrid 2006
Arsenal 2001
And more..


How to Use :

1. Format a USB drive to FAT32

2. Move WEPES folder to USB

3.  Plug the USB drive into your PS4 and open up PES 2019.

4. Go to Edit menu, then Data Management, then Import/Export.

5. Then, select Import Team, tick all of the boxes on the following 'Select File' page and continue.

6. Next is the 'Detailed Settings', leave all boxes unticked here.

7. The files will then automatically be added, the time depending on how many teams/leagues you have decided to add.

8. Be sure to select the 'Save' option on the 'Data Management' page which pops up at the end of the process, and you're all set for most of the details.

10. The tournament logos still need to be added manually, however, so head back to 'Data Management', then 'Import/Export', and select 'Import Images'.

11. Next, select the 'Competition Emblems' option in the 'Import Images' screen.

12. Tick all of the individual images (not the folders), and press OK.

13. Finally, you need to edit each competition manually with their newly imported logos, by burrowing down through the 'Competition Category' pages which will follow the logo import.

Credits : Realalibahzad


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