FIFA 16 Scoreboard Changer 1.5 by MonkeyDragon


FIFA 16 Scoreboard Changer by MonkeyDragon

This tool lets you switch FIFA 16 SCOREBOARD while playing the game. Now you can easily change any scoreboard you like for free !


1. Run INSTALLER as Administrator and Install “FIFA 16\” folder.

2. Launch FIFA 16 TV Scoreboard Changer (Run as administrator), please note !

* Be sure FIFA 16 not running while applying this step *
* For the first time running, the tool needs PATCH “some files” in “.bh files”
* This step only done for the first time or after applying Official Patch from EA ORIGIN *

3. Click on “mBH PATCHER” and Click PATCH

* Now you can start both FIFA 16, Scoreboard Changer *

4. Select Scoreboard --> Click IMPORT

* The Scoreboard will be visible when you choose RESTART MATCH in PAUSE MENU (In case you’re in match) *

* Tip: before starting match from menu, ALT + TAB to SCOREBOARD CHANGER, select scoreboard and import *


Download : To download FIFA 16 Scoreboard Changer by MonkeyDragon, you can use this link.

If you want to add your own files, do as following:

1. Click “OPEN FOLDER”

2. Create new folder, e.g: My New SB

3. Name your files as “overlay_xx02.big”

4. Make “preview” photo (ratio: 16:9)

5. If you have fonts, create “fonts” folder inside “My New SB”, puts “fonts.txt” and “****.ttf” there. When you click import, the tool automically compare and copy fonts to FIFA 16.

Credits : MonkeyDragon


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