PES 2017 MEGA Kitpack AIO v4 Season 2019/2020

PES 2017 MEGA Kitpack 2019-2020

PES 2017 MEGA Kitpack 2019-2020

New kitpack for PES 2017 PC. Including latest kits for 2019/2020 Season.

PES 2017 MEGA Kitpack 2019-20 by Dreamer V4:

Many exclusive forms!
Premier League full kits!
EFL Championship full kits!
La Liga full kits!
Bundesliga full kits!
RPL full kits!
Copa America 2019 full kits!
And Others
Add UCL Kits!
Original Font: la liga/EPL/EFL/RFPL/Ligue 1/UCL
Team Kits: 138
Kits: 483
UCL Kits: 105


EPL Full 2019/2020 Kits

Manchester City (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Manchester United (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Liverpool (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Brighton & Hove Albion (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Burnley (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Tottenham Hotspur (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Arsenal (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Bournemouth (Home,Away,GK)
Sheffield United (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Crystal Palace (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Everton (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Leicester City (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Wolverhampton Wanderers (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Newcastle United (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Aston Villa (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Norwich City (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Southampton (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Watford (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Chelsea (Home,Away,Third,GK)
West Ham United (Home,Away,Third,GK)

EFL Championship Full 2019/2020 Kits

Sheffield Wednesday (Home,Away,GK)
Charlton Athletic (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Leeds United (Home,Away,GK)
Queens Park Rangers (Home,Away,GK)
West Bromwich Albion (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Derby County (Home,Away,GK)
Swansea City (Home,Away,GK)
Birmingham City (Home,Away,GK)
Millwall (Home,Away,GK)
Preston North End (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Fulham (Home,Away,GK)
Cardiff City (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Hull City (Home,Away,GK)
Brentford (Home,Away,GK)
Barnsley (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Wigan Athletic (Home,Away,GK)
Luton Town (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Middlesbrough  (Home,Away,GK)
Huddersfield Town (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Nottingham Forest (Home,Away,GK)
Bristol City (Home,Away,GK)
Reading (Home,Away,GK)
Stoke City (Home,Away,GK)
Blackburn Rovers (Home,Away,GK)

La Liga 2019/2020 Kits

Barcelona (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Atletico de Madrid (Home,Away, GK)
Real Madrid  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Getafe (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Selta de Vigo (Home,Away,Third, Four,GK)
Athletic Bilbao (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Betis (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Alaves (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Levente (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Malorca (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Real Sosedad (Home,Away,GK)
Real Valadolid (Home,Away,GK)
Eibar (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Valencia (Home,Away,GK)
Sevilla  (Home,Away,Third,Four, GK)
Leganes (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Villarreal (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Espanyol (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Granada (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Osasuna (Home,Away,GK)

RFPL 2019/2020 Kits

Arsenal Tula. (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Dynamo Moscow. (Home,Away,GK)
FC Krasnodar. (Home,Away,GK)
Krylya Sovetov. (Home,Away,GK)
Locomotiv Moscow. (Home,Away,Third,GK)
FC Orenburg. (Home,Away,GK)
FC Rostov. (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Rubin Kazan. (Home,Away,Third, Four,GK)
FC Sochi. (Home,Away,GK)
Spartak Moscow. (Home,Away,Third,GK)
FC Tambov. (Home,Away,GK)
FC Ufa. (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Ural Ekaterinburg. (Home,Away,GK)
Zenit St. Peterburg. (Home,Away,GK)

Seria A 2019/2020 Kits

Juventus FC (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Inter Milan (Home,Away)
AC Milan (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Roma (Home,Away,Third, GK)
Napoli (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Sampdoria (Home,Third)
Parma (Third)
Lazio (Home,Away,Third, GK)

Bundesliga 2019/2020 Kits

RB Leipzig  (Home,Away,GK)
Bayern Munich  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Wolfsburg  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Bayer Leverkusen  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Borussia D.  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Freiburg  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Borussia M.  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Schalke 04  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Hoffenheim  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Union Berlin  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Fortune Dusseldorf  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Eintracht Frankfurt  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
FC Koln  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Paderborn  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Augsburg  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Hertha Berlin  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Werder Bremen  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Mainz  (Home,Away,Third,GK)

Ligue 1 2019/2020 Kits

Paris Saint-German (Home,Away,Third, GK)
Olympic Lyon (Home,Away,Third,GK)
AS Monaco (Home,Away,Third,GK)
OM (Home,Away,Third,Four,GK)
Lille (Home,Away,Third,GK)
Nantes (Home)
Stade Rennais (Home)

Others 2019/2020 Kits

Dynamo Kiev (Home,Away,GK)
Ajax (Home,Away,GK)
FC Porto  (Home,Away,Third,GK)
BATE  (Home,Away,GK)
Shakhtar Donetsk (Home,Away,GK)
Besiktas (Home,Away,Third, GK)
Celtic (Home,Away,GK)
Galatasaray (Home)
PSV (Home)
Benfica (Home,Away,GK)
Feyenoord (Home,Away,GK)
Sporting (Home)


Europa 2019 Kits

Poland (Home)

Full Kits Copa America 2019

Columbia (Home,Third,GK)
Brazil (Home,Away,GK)
Peru (Home,Away,GK)
Chile (Home,Away,GK)
Paraguay (Home,Away,GK)
Uruguay (Home,Away,GK)
Argentina (Home,Away,GK)
Ecuador (Home,Away,GK)
Qatar (Home,Away,GK)
Bolivia (Home,Away,GK)
Venezuela (Home,Away,GK)

AFCON 2019 Kits

Algeria (Home,Away,GK)
Egypt (Home,Away,GK)
Tunisia (Away)
Mali (Home)

How To Install:

-Delete V1 and V2
-Copy The CPK File To PES 2017 download Folder
-Generate  with  dp filelist generator:


ARH Kitmaker
Eder Mello
Angel Torero


How to Use : 

1. Extract the file with WinRAR,

2. Copy .CPK file to your PES 2019 download folder.

C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download\

3. Generate with PES 2017 DpFileList Generator.

4. Done

VK -

YouTube -



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