PES 2020 [Sider Module] Menu Color Scheme Tweaker [ PES 2020 1.02.00 ]

PES 2020 [Sider Module] Menu Color Scheme Tweaker by Nesa24 & Zlac

New Script which allows you to manipulate global R, G, B and alpha color values of ingame menus. All via sider overlay. Settings are saved to external .ini file and reused upon next game start.


How to Use :

1. Install Sider 6

2. Extract with WinRAR, copy all files .ini & .lua to your modules folder

3. Open sider.ini with notepad and add this line lua.module = "menuscheme.lua"

4. Save it and done.

5. Now open sider.exe and play PES 2020 via Steam.

How to configure?

If you did it correctly, menuscheme settings should be available on sider's overlay (use [1] key to scroll through the scripts that use overlay).


Slider values are quite sensitive. If you feel that default 0.05 steps are too large for your own taste, edit lua script by yourself:

1. find local overlay_states line
2. change all -0.05 and 0.05 values in next four lines of code to your own liking (0.01 and -0.01 being smallest values)

Initial menu values 1.00 mean that baseline values from Konami will be used. You're simply adding or subtracting small amounts of R, G, B and A channel.

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