FrostyTool Suite

FrostyTool by GalaxyMan2015

FrostyTool by GalaxyMan2015

The frosty tool suite is a suite of tools for editing games that run on the Frostbite engine. Currently the tool suite consists of an editor for creating the mods that change the game and a mod manager for launching game with said mods.

The current list of supported Frostbite games is as follows:

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mirrors Edge: Catalyst
Star Wars: Battlefront
Dragon Age: Inquisition
PvZ Garden Warfare 2
NFL 19
Battlefield 1
Need for Speed
FIFA 17, FIFA 18, FIFA 19, FIFA 20

The following features are available from the Editor:

Texture previewing/import/export
Mesh previewing/export to fbx, dae, obj (fbx, dae support skinning)
Sound previewing/export to wav
Full asset editing capabilities through a property grid, including new class instantation. New asset creation is not available at this time
Launching from the editor to be able to quickly preview your mod ingame
Bookmarking frequently accessed assets
Searching/filtering by name and type of asset (hint: the following keywords are supported - type, contains, startswith, endswith. Searches can be concatenated via AND/OR eg. contains: cora AND type: TextureAsset would return all TextureAsset assets with cora in the name)

The following features are available from the Mod Manager:

Multiple profiles
Install mods directly from rar, zip, 7z (7z can be a little problematic, if it crashes the tool, just extract the files and install thru the normal process)
Additional command line arguments can be passed thru to the executing game
Mod Manager can be launched via a shortcut or command line to execute a given profile and then shutdown (setup a shortcut with the following: FrostyModManager.exe -profile )

Download : FrostyTool Suite by GalaxyMan2015 | Encryption Key


FrostyTool by GalaxyMan2015

FrostyTool by GalaxyMan2015

FrostyTool by GalaxyMan2015

Tutorials :

Homepage :


Unzip to a fresh directory, DO NOT unzip over an existing installation, doing so will result in the Editor/Mod Manager not working. This version requires .NET Framework 4.7 at a minimum.
You will require a set of encryption keys to be able to view the FIFA19 data. These keys will not be given out by the development team or on the discord server.


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