FIFA 16 FIFA Infinity Patch 16 v.3.0 Season 2019/2020

FIFA 16 FIFA Infinity Patch 16 Season 2019/2020

The latest version of FIFA Infinity Patch 16 is the most complete and up-to-date mod for FIFA 16 and is now available for download featuring many new features like:


-All leagues and teams including Brasileirão, Chinese Super League, German 3. Liga, Japanese J1 and Romanian Liga I.
-Rosters (from December 2019 squad file).
-Kit numbers and name fonts.
-Mini faces.
-Team, league and tournament logos.
-Finance (budgets, transfer fees, prize money).
-3D logos used in replay wipes.

-Russian Premier League (not in FIFA 20).
-Greek Super League.
-Czech Fortuna Liga.
-New rest of world teams, including all missing teams from 19/20 CL and EL group stage.
-New national teams, including all missing teams from 2018 FIFA World Cup finals.

-All generic team names, tournament names, logos and kits replaced with real ones.
-All 19/20 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League teams have real competition kits. Most UEFA CL teams have real kit numbers.
-Referee kits for some leagues.
-Real kit numbers for some teams.
-Realistic crowd sizes (by league).
-Real sleeve patches for UEFA competitions.
-New adboards.
-New boots with assignments.
-New balls.
-Simplified main menu.
-Improved EA management AI (reduces weak line-ups for opponents in career mode).
-Revolution Mod 16 included.

-Career mode compdata (default). Ability to edit available tournaments.
-Tournament mode compdata (additional tournaments in tournament mode, career mode will not work). Real or random group variations available, also CL including all qualifying rounds and tournament finals only.

-Assign boots to players.

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How to Install :

It is strongly recommended that you use a clean install of FIFA 16 for this patch. This included if you have previous versions of FIP16 installed as the build has been refreshed for the 19/20 season.

Manual Setup:
-Place all files from “Manual Install (Required Files)” folder into FIFA 16 folder. Also add files from “Manual Install (DB + Compdata)” if you do not have an active career.
-Regenerate bh files.
-If you are missing team/league/tournament names, run FIFA 16\data\loc\LanguageDBFix.exe. If this fails, delete the DB and XML files manually from FIFA 16\data\loc\locale.big with File Master.

Regenerator Links:
– i68 Controller by iard68 (
– FHL-BH-Editor by Bernd (
– File Master by Rinaldo
– Creation Master 16 by Rinaldo (Tools > Regenerate BH)

Clean Install Instructions:
-Exit Origin.
-Rename “FIFA 16” folder.
-Open Origin.
-Select FIFA 16 and download.
-To switch between installs, exit Origin and rename folders. Folder named “FIFA 16” will be active.

Please read the Read Me file inside the patch folder for more notes and tips on how to avoid issues and bugs!


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