PES 6 Ball Physics Update v1.0 BETA for PES FireBird 2017 by Kingsley 813

PES 6 Ball Physics Update for PES FireBird 2017 by Kingsley 813

Get a better gameplay with the new Ball Physics made by Kingsley 813 from Evo-Web. This mod only works with Pro Evolution Soccer 6 + PES FireBird Patch 2017 installled. Here's some features you should now.

Features :

Increased the ball movement at player's feet. Ball rolls away more, and sticks less to player's feet.
Slightly more bounce in the ball, noticeable in passing.
Crosses and lobs travel further
Slightly better shooting
Reduced the stick of the ball to the ground

Download : Download PES 6 Ball Physics for FireBird Patch 2017 here

Thread :

Instuction :

1. Install PES 6.

2. Install PES FireBird Patch 2017

3. Extract PES 6 Ball Physics Update with WinRAR and put it to your PES 6 installation folder ( Replace / Overwrite ).

4. Done ! now see the difference !

Credits : Kingsley813


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