PES 6 Ball Physics Modifier v1.0 by Kingsley813


PES 6 Ball Physics Modifier by Kingsley813

This is a tool to allow the user to change the ball physics in real time with presets. There are FIVE presets to choose from;

Default - This is the standard Konami ball physics.

Normal - This is the modified ball physics that suits most matches and is generally very balanced.

Dry (Summer) - This preset simulates the conditions of a dry pitch in summer time, where the ground is harder, and the ball will bounce more. The ball will also roll away more.

Wet (Summer/Winter) - This preset simulates the conditions of a wet rainy pitch. The ball has less bounce, and will roll less. The ball is also heavier.

Download : Download PES 6 Ball Physics by Kingsley813 here

How to Use :

1. Open the Ball Physics Modifier.

2. Open PES6.

3. Now choose a preset from the modifiers.

4. Done.

Credits : Kingsley813


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