PES 2021 RefKit Server Vol 6 + FIXES by Hawke

PES 2021 RefKit Server by Hawke

Current version: 6.0 (Compatible With PES2021 & PES2020)
Minimum version of Sider required: 6.1.1+

This module/server also includes the following kits + All kits are linked to their competitions via map_competitions.txt

Adidas Classics
Umbro Classics
Adidas Generics
AFC Asian Cup
Belgian Cup
Belgian Super Cup
Campeonato Brasileiro
Champions League
Club World Cup
Community Shield
Copa del Rey
Copa Libertadores
Copa America
Coppa Italia
Ecuadorian Serie A
EFL Play-Off
Errea Generics
Europa League
FA Cup
Jupiler Pro League
La Liga
La Liga 2
Liga Aguila
Liga NOS
Ligue 1
Ligue 2
Serie A
Serie B
Super Lig
Supercopa de Espana
Supercoppa Italiana
Superliga Argentina
Swiss Super League
Thai League
UEFA Euro 2020
UEFA Super Cup
World Cup
Current version: 6.0
Minimum version of Sider required: 6.1.1+

GDB-style unlimited referee kit management.
Original referee kit packaging (identical folder structure and file names, as they are in .cpk files).
Referee kit assignment to competitions via map_competitions.txt.
Automatic selection of league-mode Referee Kits in exhibition mode if both teams belong to the same league.
(applies only to LEAGUES - cups and other competitions are ignored).
Script reads CompetitionEntry.bin file to determine whether two teams belong to the same league - selection may not be 100% accurate if teams have been moved to different leagues only in EDIT mode.
Important: Version 6.0 requires CommonLib.lua
Download and install CommonLib.lua v1.0

Overlay Features:
.txt assignment file reloading (key 0) - available at any moment, useful for making quick fixes to .txt assignment file, without needing to restart the game.
Toggle between manual referee kit selection and automatic referee kit assignment via .txt file (key 9).
If manual selection is used, then manually selected referee kit has priority over the referee kit which would otherwise be assigned via .txt file.
Additional options, available only in manual selection mode:
Manual selection by cycling through all the available referee kits (PageUp/PageDown keys).
IMPORTANT: only the referee kits which are assigned via .txt files are available for cycling-through!!
Favourite referee kit - current manual selection can be saved permanently as a favourite referee kit (key 7) or recalled to be used later (key 8)

Current limitations:
Inaccurate referee kit selection during replays - due to game design, saved replays do not include tournament_ID - if the referee kit used in saved replay has been assigned via map_competition.txt, then there is no way to re-select exactly the same referee kit during replay - exhibition mode referee kit is most likely going to be selected.

Don't forget to Download and install CommonLib.lua v1.0


1. If you have an older version of RefKit Server installed...delete it, this is a new AIO specifically for PES2021/PES2020.

2. Copy "content & modules" folders from the RefKitServer Vol6 archive to your Sider folder.
add the line lua.module = "RefKitServer.lua" to your Sider.ini underneath CommonLib [CommonLib should always be at the very top in order to work correctly]

3. Copy the livecpk folder to your Sider folder & add the line cpk.root = ".\livecpk\RefColor" to your Sider.ini

Example: live cpk
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Database"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Faces"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Graphics"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Kits"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\RefColor"

Example: lua
lua.module = "lib\CommonLib.lua"
lua.module = "StadiumServer.lua"
lua.module = "WeatherConditions.lua"
lua.module = "KitServer.lua"
lua.module = "BallServer.lua"
lua.module = "RefKitServer.lua"

Spanish Referee Kit Fixes

Copy the "content" folder from the Spanish Referee Kit Fixes Archive to your Sider folder...overwriting when asked.

Italy Referee Kit Fixes

Copy the "content" folder from the Italy Ref Fixes Archive to your Sider folder...overwriting when asked.​

New in 6.0:
Fifa Referee Badge updated to 2020/ "No room for racism" logo added to referee kits for EPL/EFL & English cup competitions.

@zlac for the original script / for helping me put this together & for the script update. I 100% could not have done this without him, thanks mate :)
@MJTS-140914 for fixing Collar 01 fmdl (Thank you my friend)
@juce and @nesa24 for sider
@shawminator for CGPE & help with collar models
@Cesc Fabregas for beta testing
@Hawke for the edited script & referee kits



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