PES 2020 Stadium The Ultimate Stage

eFootball PES 2020

PES 2020 Stadium The Ultimate Stage

New Stadium The Ultimage Stage is original stadium by Konami for PES 2018 But you can use it for PES 2020 aswell. The stadium is converted by _TheSpecialOne_ created originally by Konami & MJTS.

Team ID : -
Stadium ID : 057

*Note :

This Stadium is only meant to be Played at Night. Can be played in Rainy Conditions but if you use any Entrance Mod, may have Bugs.
Entrance is modified to suit Champions League Final, so playing Exhibition Matches in this Stadium Results in Players Entering through Wall.
If you find the Stadium too Bright, turn the BRIGHTNESS Down. (Recommended : C=55 ; B=45)
Automatic Champions League Stadium Banners assignment if you use @FuNZoTiK Stadium Banner Module.


PES 2020 Stadium The Ultimate Stage

PES 2020 Stadium The Ultimate Stage

Installation via Stadium Server :

1. Install Sider 6 ( Recommended Latest Version )

2. Install Stadium-Server by Zlac

3. Extract PES 2020 Stadium with WinRAR, copy extracted folder to


4. Open map_competition.txt with text editor and copy this line inside map_competition.txt.

4, , , , 057, The Ultimate Stage, The Ultimate Stage                    # CL Final match stadium only

*This will set The Ultimate Stage as Champions League Final Match

5. Save it

6. And now run sider.exe and play PES 2020 via STEAM.

@shawminator - Fixing the Crowd Bug.
@MJTS-140914 : Instructions to Fix Lighting of Stadium.


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