PES 2020 Smoke Bombs Colors by Guorfan

PES 2020 Smoke Bombs Colors by Guorfan

PES 2020 Smoke Bombs Colors by Guorfan

This mod allows you to add colorful Smokes before the match started. Works with Stadium Server, Konami Stadiums, All patches & datapack ! this mod only for PC version.

*Mods will work with any mode, any competition, any stadiums !


Mod are only loaded during entrances to pitch and start of match. These smokes has a limitation which does not appear during cut scenes from @FuNZoTiK so you will see smokes in beginning and after during entrances mode from FunzoTik smokes dissapears and come back in line up scenes.

Smoke List :

- Default Smoke
- Yellow Smoke
- Yellow Green
- Yellow Black
- Red Smoke v3
- Red Smoke v2
- Red Smoke
- Red Green Smoke
- Purple Smoke
- Orange Smoke
- Light Blue Smoke
- Green Smoke
- Blue Smoke
- Blue Smoke v2
- Blue Red Smoke
- Blue Red Smoke v2
- Black White Smoke
- Black Smoke


How it works?

These smoke bomb colours works like an addon for stadiums so you can put whatever colour bomb you want to whatever stadium you want, so you need to insert addon folder inside stadium folder next to Asset and Common folders. Inside addon folder there is a folder with 009 number which is an ID of stadium, so if you want to use custom smokes bombs in other stadium with other ID, you will need to change that ID to an ID belongs to your stadium.


guorfan, BMPES
Juce, Nesa24 for Sider & Zlac for Stadium Server


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