PES 2020 PS4 Option File 24 Classic National Teams V8

PES 2013 Winning Eleven Classic Patch 2013

eFootball PES 2020 PS4 Option File 24 Classic National Teams by PESBuck

Classic Option File by PESBuck

Kits 1024
Installs in 2nd Division England *

V8 updates Legends from DP7
V7 updates Legends from DP6
V6 updates Legends from DP5
V5 updates Legends from DP4
V4 includes 552 added players to the game as it will make the minimap faces white silhouettes like on the Fake League players. V4 also updates Legends from DP2 and DP3 as well as spelling mistakes.

Make sure to click Apply Player Data when installing.

If you already installed V1 or V2, download V3 and check both squares when importing.

Also included is a World Cup Logo pack to create your own Classic World Cups through Konami Cup. From a 16 team 1970 FIFA World Cup or a 24 team 1994 World cup, the choice is yours.


*NOTE - After each LIVE UPDATE, you will need to re-install the 24 Classic National Teams due to being installed in 2nd Division England.

Just a side note, due to Konami, the mini face images will be wrong in Team Settings but correct player likeness in game in V1, V2, and V3.


Kits: Dartion, Jeremj2, Aliheidari2520, G2X, Homer S., Cabanaxbox, Aerial Edson, Gene92, Delac, Armandrillo, Ratmundo, Buffon99

Faces: PESBuck, JuniorMantis, Emerson Pereira, A S C 10-16, Ratmundo, Ciervos Clásicos, Realalibahzad, Killie 1974, Allendöglü.


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