PES 2017 Still Alive V8 Season 2019/2020

PES 2017 Still Alive V8 Season 2019/2020

PES 2017 Still Alive Season 2019/2020

The biggest & mos complete patch for PES 2017 ( maybe ? ) by Ethan now is free. This patch also includes latest season of 2019/2020

21000 players in game
4000 promised young players entered, eliminating all players currently withdrawn.
60gb of faces
850 tattos
652 managers
100 press room (season 2019/20)
611 teams (clubs and NT)
800 stadiums
Graphics menu like pes 2020
Scoreboards for all competitions in game (season 2019/20)
Adboards for all competitions in game (season 2019/20)
Adboards for 120 teams (many season 2019/20)
Real tunnel for 136 teams
Balls for all competitions in game (winter or final version too)
Kits season 2019/2020
Boots & Gloves season 2019/20
Balls season 2019/20
Trophies for all competition in game (National League, ICC too)
Tunnel entry and graphics for all competitions
Hymns for all NT teams
Anthems for 133 Clubs team
Choirs for all teams in game
Referee kits for all competitions in game
Updates new european teams, players and overall like pes 2020.


Special contents:

Snow / rain mode with 10 different climatic and field conditions,
with snow on the sidelines when it snows a lot.
Variable climate for all locations (for example it rains more in England than in Spain).
60 modules connected to the sider that guarantee the correct display of each content for each specific championship or cup.
More than a thousand skies managed by the sider for a high realism.
Possibility to assign the stadiums you prefer to any team and competitions.
Possibility of assigning a specific stadium for a specific game via stadium-server.
And many more....


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