PES 2020 MLS Add-On 2020/2021 For EvoWeb Patch By Ttb

PES 2020 MLS Add-On For EvoWeb Patch By Ttb

PES 2020 Major League Soccer Addon for Evo-Web Patch 2020. Only works with eFootball PES 2020 PC Version of the game. Please read the instruction carefully to make it working.


- 20 MLS Teams (10 Teams from Western Conference and 10 Teams from Eastern Conference)
- Minifaces for ALL Players in MLS (About 200+)
- 2020/21 Season Kits for Many Teams
- Over 100 Real Faces, including KONAMI Free Agents, Faces from PES 2018, PES 2019 and Faces by @Ben23384
- Tactics, Stadium Images + Settings, Sponsors for ML & Manager Data For ALL Teams
- MLS ESPN Scoreboard & Ball Included : (Thanks to @Calvin)


PES 2020 MLS Add-On For EvoWeb Patch By Ttb

PES 2020 MLS Add-On For EvoWeb Patch By Ttb

PES 2020 MLS Add-On For EvoWeb Patch By Ttb

PES 2020 MLS Add-On For EvoWeb Patch By Ttb

PES 2020 MLS Add-On For EvoWeb Patch By Ttb

How To Install?

*EvoWeb Patch Required to be installed*
*Clean your WEPES & mount folder if you added any Option Files before*


0) Install EvoWeb Patch 5.0

1) Extract archive and Copy "livecpk" and "content" Folders from Extracted folder into Sider Directory, Overwrite when asked.

2) Add lines to sider.ini

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\MLS Fonts-Numbers" 

3) Also add this line into map_competitions.txt in \scoreboard-server\

51, MLS, MLS # MLS

4) And this line into map_competitions.txt in \ball-server\

51, 952, MLS Nativo, , , , # for MLS
54, 952, MLS Nativo Kick Childhood Cancer, , , , # for MLS Cup 

6) Copy "WEPES" Folder into Save Directory

Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\

6a) Cut/Copy ( Backup ) these folders  - "3. MLS COACH", "4. MLS STADIUMS", "5. PARTNER" From WEPES\MLS By Ttb\MLS Kit Data\ to another location. (DO NOT DELETE, THEY WILL BE NEEDED IN STEP 11)

7) Start Game with Sider and go into Edit Mode (Recommended to be Offline For This)

8) Go to Import Teams and Import all .ted Files included (Do not forget to tick both boxes)

9) Go to Competitions and Import "MLSTtb.ced" & "MLSCup.ced"

10) Go to Competitions Structure in Edit Mode and Transfer "FC Cincinnati" & "Orlando City" From Other Latin American Teams to MLS (Replacing any Fake Teams. There should be 20 MLS Teams in total, all Licensed)

11) After this, place the previous backup files from step 6a "3. MLS COACH", "4. MLS STADIUMS", "5. PARTNER" back into WEPES\MLS By Ttb\MLS Kit Data\ and then assign to teams one by one (Only way, otherwise "Loading Failed" error occurs)

*Naming is made easy so that it is easier to recognise data for a Team, E.g. Stadium Image for Atlanta United is named 'Atlanta Stadium'*

12). Done.


CompCatSelect Single 

(This File replaces 'PLA League' with 'USA' and 'PAS League with 'Japan' In Competition Select Menu)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

- What does this Add-On exactly do?
This Add-On uses the In-Game Edit Mode to Import Kits + Player Data and Sider to add Loads of Faces and Minifaces. Keep in mind, EvoWeb Patch should be installed first, before installing this Add-On.

- Can I use tightkit server to make all Kits tight?
No. These teams are not "Licensed" In-Game, but are done so by .ted Files. Tight-Kit option only works if the Teams are licensed by Tools such as DinoTem Editor.

- What does this Add-On replace/install over?
PLA League and PLA Cup

- Will I need a seperate EDIT00000000 File for this Add-On, apart from EvoWeb Edit File?
No. That is the best thing about this Add-On. You do not have to wait for an Edit File to be released every time EvoWeb Patch Updates. You just have to follow steps given in POST #1 to make it happen yourself.

- Can I use this together with the ICMP Patch?
No. You would end up messing up your whole game by doing this. Choose either EvoWeb Patch + MLS Add-On or ICMP Patch Only.

- How can I find Player ID's?
Use this tool PES ZS Editor

Western Conference
- Colorado Rapids
- FC Dallas
- Houston Dynamo
- LA Galaxy
- Los Angeles FC
- Portland Timbers
- San Jose Earthquakes
- Seattle Sounders
- Sporting Kansas City
- Minnesota United

Eastern Conference
- Atlanta United
- Chicago Fire
- FC Cincinnati
- D.C United
- Montreal Impact
- New York City
- New York Red Bulls
- New England Revolution
- Orlando City
- FC Toronto


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