PES 2020 Kitglobal 1.0 by Juce

PES 2020 Tightkit by Juce

PES 2020 Kitglobal by Juce

New lua module by Juce. This simple module that enforces kit attributes. You can put whatever kit attributes you want.

- TightKit, SocksColor, and every other supported kit attribute 
- And this module will enforce them for every kit of every licensed team.

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How to Use :

1. Install Sider 6.

2. Copy modules folder to where your sider.exe is located.

3. Open sider.ini and add

lua.module = "kitglobal.lua"

4. Save it and done.

How to Configure

There are no overlay controls, so you need to manually edit kitglobal.ini and set the attributes you want. Also, the module only reads the ini-file on startup. If you change the values in there, then restart the game to see the effect. 


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