FIFA 19 Squad File Everyone's 16 v3 by FIFER

FIFA 19 Squad File Everyone's 16 by FIFER

Do you want everyone to be 16 in your FIFA 19 career ? Just download this squad file ! Thanks to FIFER for making this squad file.

Instruction :

1. Download & Extract squad file.

2. Navigate to C\Users\USERNAME\Documents\FIFA 19\settings or just go to your Documents folder, then go to "FIFA 19", and then "Settings". This is where all your career/squad/journey/settings/etc files are stored.

3. Copy and paste/drag and drop the file you downloaded into that folder.

4. In FIFA (you don't have to restart), get onto the Main Menu, go to "Customize", then click on "Profile", the load squads.

5. Select the squad file called "Everyone is 16 v3"

6. Boom! When using this squad file and creating a new career, everyone will be 16

IMPORTANT NOTE: When making a new career, make sure to choose "Current Squads"

Credits : FIFER


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