FIFA 18 Community Mod v5.0 Season 2018/2019

FIFA 18 Community Mod 2019 Season 2018/2019

FIFA Community Mod is a combination of several FIFA 18 mods that are put together in 1 pack. *ONLY CGFILE EXPLORER - OFFICIAL GAME AND LAST UPDATE*. A clean fifa is strongly advised, erased your team files before any installation.


- Fifa Infinity - IMStudios - ModdingWay - SoccerGaming
- Community (kits 18/19, New flags, banners, faces, logos, adboards...)
- Fifa Career Mod 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)
- Real promotions and relegations 18/19 for five big leagues
- Custom Groups for the European cups (almost real)
- News scripts (Leagues, Cups, Tournaments...)
- And other Community Mods
- Gameplay 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)
- New Caméra System
- PS Controller
- TV Channels

Features of FIFA 18 Community Patch Season 2018/2019

- Brasileirao and Campeonato de Chile fully updated
- Greek Super League, Czech HET liga, Chinese Super League, Romanian Liga I added and playable in Career Simulation Only and Tournament modes
- Added 2018 season promoted teams in French, Italian, Spanish, German, English, Colombian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian and Swedish leagues.
- UEFA Champions League 2018/19 And UEFA Europa League 2018/19.
- Al-Ahly (EGY), Auckland City (NZL), Kitchee SC (HKG) and Los Angeles FC (USA) added in Rest of World. “Rest of world team” with missing important players added.
- FIFA Club World Cup, AFC Champions League and CONCACAF Champions League playables in Career Mode.
- Copa do Brasil, SSE Airtricity League and Irish EA Sports Cup.
- Licensed names, kits, minikits and logos for all the unlicensed teams.
- Licensed names and logos for unlicensed leagues and competitions.
- New player faces edited via ingame editor.
- Uncloked all the new faces added in World Cup update in all game modes.
- Unlocked all World Cup stadiums in all game modes.
- Unlocked all boots and balls.
- New Animated adboards for UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and many Leagues.
- Custom flags for many teams.
- Two “Classic XI” teams with FUT Icons and FUT Legends.
- 24 new manager faces unlocked and real manager names for all teams.
- Real stadium names for all teams.
- Unlocked all the new national teams added in World Cup update in all game modes.
- FIFA World Cup mode updated with realistic squads and 23 players per team.
- More than 8000/8500 actual minifaces And More than 200/250 clubs 18/19 kits.
- New logos, kits 18/19, more than 500 banners (MLS, BPL, Serie A, Ligue 1-2, Liga NOS, Bundesliga, La Liga, RPL, National teams and others).
- All new revo gp cams in game (kick off view, 0.70 revo setup).
- New TV Channels (BBCSports, BeinSports1, BeinSportsConnect, EASportsTV, ESPNHD, Eurosport, FoxSports, GloboTV, ITVSports, SkySports, TRT).
- New Playstation Controller
- New Gameplay 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)
- New Career Mod 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)


Leagues and cups available and playable.

GERMANY: League 1-2-3 ENGLAND: League 1-2-3-4
AUSTRALIA: League 1 AUSTRIA: League 1
BELGIUM: League 1 BRAZIL: League 1
CHILE: League 1 COLOMBIA: League 1-2
REP. OF KOREA: League 1 DENMARK: League 1
SCOTLAND: League 1 SPAIN: League 1-2
USA: League 1 FRANCE: League 1-2
ITALY: League 1-2 JAPAN: League 1
MEXICO: League 1 NORWAY: League 1
HOLLAND: League 1 POLAND: League 1
PORTUGAL: League 1 RUSSIA: League 1
SWEDEN: League 1 TURKEY: League 1

NOT PLAYABLE BUT PRESENT IN CAREER SIMULATION (Only playable at kickoff - Custom competitions and career simulation)

CHINA: League 1 GREECE: League 1
CZECH REP.: League 1 ROMANIA: League 1
Some Chinese, Greek, Czech, Romanian and some of the rest of the world will only have home and goalkeeper jerseys.
This is due to the large number of additions to the database.
Tournament and Custom Cups
Not available in 64 teams due to the number of competitions added in the game including the career mod.
Available for 2-4-6-8-16-32 teams

Download FIFA 18 Community Patch Season 2018/2019

Installation ( Main Patch )

1. Start CGFile Explorer

2. Choose Fifa 18.exe

3. Import a new patch

4. Choose Community Mod

5. Load the mod (this can be long)

6. Close CGFile Explorer and play Only Offline

*This mod only works with CGfile Explorer

Note : To check that everything is installed correctly.

=== Optional Mod Installation Tutorial ===

Gameplay Installation

1.Copy the downloaded locate.ini file

2.And replace the one found in

C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \Mods \Community 1.x \Win32_data

and C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \data_Original or data

**Replace the original locate.ini to play online**

PS4 Controller

The mod is already included, but we must add the image

1.Copy the downloaded controller.png file

2. And replace the one found in

C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \FIFASetup \Resources

TV Channels / Camera Mod / Intro Kits System

1. After installing the version of your choice

2. Downloaded the TV channel of your choice

3. Start CG file with the loaded version (brazilian, greek, romanian, etc.)

4. Choose import

5. Check the boxes carefully Legacy Files and Bundle Files

6. Then import selection

7. Wait for the end of the import

8. Then press create mod

9. Choose your installed and existing version

Thread :

Credits : Sebatos, All FIFA Modder


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