PES 2018 PS4 / PC Option File Serie C V4 Season 2017/2018

PES 2018 PS4 / PC Option File Serie C Season 2017/2018

Presented by World Of Pes 2018 PS4 Community founded in 2012 and based on the creation of major and minor leagues in Pro Evolution Soccer. Every day we try to always produce the best to satisfy many of your requests. You are so many and this makes us happy. Keep following us. Below here is the link of our last option file project still under construction.

Update made to the Serie C teams. Added ableness, player faces, game layout, correct shirt numbers, transfers, kits etc. of the C Series

Features :

- Inserted and corrected kits to all C-Series teams. A + C-Series C-Series C + C-Series B-Series.
- Corrected all the names and entered the logos of the teams of Serie C (57 Teams)
- The missing patches are included in the Kits.
- Added the commentary of the Serie C teams
- Inserted the social colors to the Serie C teams
- Serie C coaches inserted
- Enter all the Series C stages with detailed photos and settings
- enter all the Serie C rivalries
- Corrected and entered all the names with the related stats for the Serie C teams
- Inserted and completed all the designs and fonts with the coloring of the numbers on the jerseys and shorts
- Enter the skills of the Serie C players
- Insert the faces of the Serie C players
- Completed and created new players with the relative transfers for the C series teams
- Added the game scheme to each team
. Enter the shirt numbers for the Serie C teams
- Enter all current C Series coaches and stadiums with photos

Download PES 2018 PS4 / PC Option File Serie C V4 Season 2017/2018



Is the c-series v4 option file compatible with the pes team patch?

It is compatible except for those championships that will be replaced. Oldflosky, Peppe83, Lukino71, Brave92 and I have completed the kits. Terras completed Lecce. Pordenone has been inserted and completed. A special thanks to Dutur for the skills of the Serie C teams. In v4 the stats and the correct names of all the Serie C teams, abilities and faces have been released.

Installation Procedure :

1 - Create the WEPES folder (putting inside the images of the kits, emblems, .ced files and .ted files), and Move to a USB device (fat32)
2 - Connect the USB device to the PS4
3 - Go to Edit mode
4 - Select Data Management
5 - Select Import / Export
6 - Select Import Competition
7 - Select all with square
8 - Select OK
9 - Select Import Team
10 - Select all with square
11 - Continue and select Apply player and team data
12 - Select OK
13 - Wait for the files to be transferred
14 - Exit the Edit mode and save the data
15 - Enjoy!

Note: if you find more than one crash in games or when importing files, when you select teams import up to 20 at a time, then exit Edit mode, save, and restart the game.

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