FIFA 18 Bootpack World Cup 2018 Edition by Nick_BlueLion

Adidas Worlc Dup

FIFA 18 Bootpack by Nick

This is the standalone mod for the World Cup 2018 Edition, which means only World Cup 2018 boots are in. So if you all want previous boots too, make sure to use Bootpack Nicked v5.0.

1) To make it work, apply Bootpack Nicked v5 and then apply this WC edition mod.

2) If you want the official versions of the boots hidden in-game [11 boots], grab World Cup boots unlocker and apply after these two.

Download : FIFA 18 Bootpack by Nick_BlueLion


Installation : 

1. Download & Extract Frosty Mod Manager and Run it as administrator.

*Please use the old Frosty Mod Tool v1.0.3.1, download it here.

2. Point to FIFA 18.exe

3. Extract the mod

4. Press Install Mods in Frosty Mod Manager

5. Choose to .fbmod

6. Finally Activate the Mod by double clicking it and Launch Game !

7. Enjoy !

Troubleshooting :

1) As always, Only use original copy and latest update. Hence, bootnames and bootsunlocker might not work for you on different updates but all the boots will be there. For those who are on different updates, you just need unlocker for your specific updates. If you know how to assign manually using Aranaktu's cheat table, I have included boots id list.

2) This bootpack will work with any mod. If not working, follow this:

In FrostyModManager, remove all your applied mods> Apply bootpack> Then apply mods you want to use it with. It will work, trust me. Tried and tested.

Credits : MeBoots, Nabo78, AdioszPL, Nick_BlueLion


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