FIFA 18 Ballpack Nicked V1

UCL Ball Adidas 18

FIFA 18 Ballpack Nicked

Here's some new updated ballpack for FIFA 18 game. It includes some latest updates for 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Season. All credit goes to Nick_BlueLion.

UEFA Champions League 18/19
UEFA Champions League 17/18 GroupStage
UEFA Champions League 17/18 KnockoutStage
Nike Ordem La-Liga Hi-Vis
Nike Ordem EPL Hi-Vis

Note : To use UCL ball, You will have to assign them manually because the model is different from the default one.

Installation : 

1. Download & Extract Frosty Mod Manager and Run it as administrator.

2. Point to FIFA 18.exe

3. Extract the mod

4. Press Install Mods in Frosty Mod Manager

5. Choose to .fbmod

6. Finally Activate the Mod by double clicking it and Launch Game !

7. Enjoy !

Homepage :

Credits : Nick_BlueLion


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