PES 5 / WE 9 / WE 9 LE Kitserver 5.5.8 by Juce

PES 5 Kitserver 5

PES 5 Kitserver 5 by Juce

Kitserver 5.5 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Winning Eleven 9, and Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution. It is a loader and manager for various modules. Kserv Module provides the alternative way of managing players and goalkeeper kits outside of the game's AFS file: you organize the PNG or BMP kit images into an external database, which is basically a collection of folders and files that follows few simple rules. You are not restricted to just 1st and 2nd kit for each team - you can have as many as you like. 

The BallServer Module does similar things to Kserv: it offers the possibility of chosing a ball from the external database. Of course it is possible to store more than the eight standard balls. Another extension is the Faceserver Module. As the name says, it allows to use more faces and hair from an external database without overwriting existing ones. With StadiumServer, you can choose additional stadiums from your GDB. Furthermore the LOD Mixer Module enables more detailed graphics and controlling of match aspects in Leagues and Cups.

Some additional modules were backported from later versions of Kitserver: Bootserver allows to assign each player personalized boots from GDB. AFS2FS module allows you to organize your patches into folders and files, instead of inserting them into AFS-files. This way, you can quickly add/remove patches, and also never worry about needing to re-build AFS, because of lack of space for a particular BIN. There is also a Speeder module - to alter the game speed (increase/decrease). And the last new addition is the Network module, which provides easy means of configuring which network server to connect to and automatic roster updates.

Kitserver 5 : Full support for PC versions of: PES5, WE9, and WE9:LE.


- kserv with High-Def kits support
- lodmixer (various tweaks for game graphics)
- faceserver/hairserver
- ballserver with 3D rotating ball preview
- stadium server
- bootserver
- afs2fs
- network module
- speeder

Download : Download latest version of Kitserver 5 from here

Full Documentation :

Thread :

Changelog 5.5.9 :

- fserv: HD faces and hair
- kserv: exact radar.color (from config.txt) is enforced for in-game radar
- bserv: added support for home ball and auto-random mode (as in ks6)
- kload: fixed bug which led to problems with looped ADX sound tracks


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