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PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch 7.1 CFW [BLES/BLUS] Season 2018/2019

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch 7.0 AIO [CFW] Season 2018/2019

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch 2019 Season 2018/2019

This is the new patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PlayStation 3 made by Potato Team. It includes many updates for 2018/2019.

Features PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch Season 2018/2019


• Added missing LaLiga and LaLiga 123 kits.
• Fixed the Camp Nou error in finals.
• Fixed the freeze error at the end of the Club World Cup.
• Corrected adboards of the friendlies.
• Added new adboards (more than 400 new) By Agus10
• New faces added.
• Eliminated World Cup and America Cup trophies (at least until we find the solution)
• Corrected the error of the Italian Super Cup.
• Corrected error of the Mexican and Wolfsburg uniforms.
• New logos and kits for Europe and World Classics.
• New kits and logo for Atl Paranaense.
• New stadium added "Estadio de La Ceramica" replaces the generic Metropole Arena.
• New rain mod.
• Added logo of champion "Brasileirao 2018" on the shirt of Palmeiras
• Added special kits for Liverpool "BLACKED" and Bayern "ALL RED"
• 100 new mini-frames.
• Removed the Barcelona FC logo.
• Added 7 tattooed players (515 in total)
• Fixed the problems of white faced players.
• Reduced the brightness in the stadiums
• Adptado mod of perspiration and reflexes v2
• Improved in quality and updated more than 40 existing tattoos (Vidal, Hamsik, Aspas, etc)


• Fixed the error of the PES 2019 Soundtrack.
• New startscreens.
• Added optional mod to activate only commentators.
• Added optional mod to activate only the music.
• Fixed the error of the optional mod "Arab commentators"
• Mexican Commenters (BLUS), Arabes and Portugueses (BLES) Extracts Extracted from PES 2019


• Compatible with datapack 4.01
• 46 New Equipment.
• Updated Kits Season 2018-19.
• More than 1000 new players.
• 3 New Legend Players (Karagounis, Ceni and Giggs).
• Removed flags type Russia 2018.
• Eliminated the introduction of Russia 2018.
• New Logos for Competitions (Trophee of Champions, Serie A, Coppa of Italy etc.).
• New Logo for F.C Barcelona.
• 200 New Faces.
• Legends players now have an average age of 20-25 years so that in this way they last several seasons when they are signed up in LM in high performance since they are reborn with low skill.
• New Graphic Menu.
• Adapted realistic PES 2019 grass.
• New animations in the arc networks when scoring a goal.
• Notable improvements in the effects of lighting and climate in the stadiums.
• New Bootpack (More than 40 new boots)
• New Ballpack season 18-19 (20 new balls)
• Original trophies for the competitions: FIFA World Cup, Eurocopa, SuperCopa of Europe and Copa America.
• 200 new Mini-Sharks.
• New adboards.
• Eliminated stadiums St Louis II, Morelos and Estadio Chivas.
• Fixed the error in which the players left without body in BL and LM conferences.
• Improvements in the stability of tattoos and more than 120 new tattoos (D'Alessandro, Cassano, Pulgar, De Paul, etc) NOTE: Tattooed players come out with an error when putting them long sleeves so they were assigned short sleeves from the menu Edit.
• Stability improvements playing at Santiago Bernabéu.
• Improvements in the Camp Nou (New grass, advertising and dt areas)
• Corrected the grass in Estadio Azteca and El Cilindro.
• New pack of commentators extracted from PES 2019.
• Super Champions anime teams added to classic teams.
• New intros and presentation videos for all competitions.
• New textures in the kits (Correct the sponsor's error that in some cases was disproportionate).
• New icons extracted from PES 2019.
• New graphics for Liga Master.
• Solved the problem that did not let him play with Germany during the day.
• Transfers to the day in most leagues.
• Added 100 goalkeeper gloves.
• Adboards assigned for unlicensed equipment (Bayern, Rangers FC etc)
• 9 new stadiums (New Gasometer, Allianz Park, Johhan Cruyff Arena, Prince Abdullah Al Faisal, King Fahd, Celtic Park, Tokyo Olympic, Arena Do Gremio and Arena do Corinthians).
• Referee kits season 2018-19
• Fixed the error assigned by the Serie A ball for champions and europa league, now has correct allocation for group matches and final.
• Pre-Match Animations
• Added the playability of the PES 2019
• More than 50 players retired free to be signed in league Master.
• New effect of sweat on the players.

Download PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch AIO CFW [BLES/BLUS] Season 2018/2019

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch 2019 Season 2018/2019

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch 2019 Season 2018/2019

PES 2018 PS3 POTATO Patch 2019 Season 2018/2019

Installation :

1 - Delete all existing datapacks to make a clean installation, for this go to the xmb -> PS3 game data tools and delete what PES 2018 says.

2- Install the update 1.08 (in the game it marks 1.05.02).

3- Install the 3 parts of the patch always respecting the order as otherwise it will not work.

4- Paste the PS3 folder corresponding to the savedata in the root of a pendrive and paste it to the console by going to the xmb ---> "Saved data tools PS3"

5- The optional modifications in the users with cfw are installed by hitting the chosen cpk in the USRDIR folder of our datapack and then hitting the activator.

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