PES 2018 PS3 LinkModz Patch v3 [ BLES / BLUS ] Season 2017/2018

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES 2018 PS3 LinkModz Patch Season 2017/2018

The latest patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 PS3 made by LinkModz. LinkModz Patch already contains various mod updates in it like kits, balls, boots, logos, emblems and latest transfer updates for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. LinkModz Patch can be used for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PS3 BLES / BLUS series. Unfortunately LinkModz Patch can only be used for PS3 CFW. To view the full features of PES 2018 LinkModz Patch please see below.


- DLC 3.0 Compatible
- Updated Winter Transfers 2017/2018
- Full Premier League Licensed ( Kits, Badges, Real Name )
- Full La Liga Santander Licensed ( Kits, Badges, Real Name )
- Full La Liga 1|2|3 Licensed ( Kits, Badges, Real Name )
- Full SkyBet Championship ( Badges Only )
- Full Liga NOS Licensed ( Kits, Real Name, Logos )
- Full Serie-A Licensed ( Kits, Badges, Real Name )
- Serie-B Full Licensed
- Added Bundesliga
- Liga NOS Full Licensed
- New 50 Balls
- Added new 40 Stadiums ( Some stadiums will be corrected in next update ! )
- More League, Clubs and competition will be licensed in next update.



Download PES 2018 PS3 LinkModz Patch v3 Season 2017/2018

Password : LinkModz

Installation :

First update your PES to 1.04

1. Once you download the RAR you have to unzip it and we will have the following files:
  - BLES02252_DATAPACK [Folder containing the Patch]

2. You have to copy the files to the root of a USB in Fat32 that are: "BLES02237_DATAPACK"

3. We start multiMAN, we go to the File Manager, we enter "PS3 Root" and we look for our connected usb, it usually appears as "dev_usb000" or "dev_usb001" and we look for the folder "BLES02252_DATAPACK" we select it with "X" and then we give it "O" and we give it the option "COPY".

4. We look for the following route "dev_hdd0", we give it twice "X" to open the directory, then we look for the next folder "game" in lowercase we open the folder "game" and this is where we are going to paste the folder "BLES02237_DATAPACK".

5. We enter the Recovery Mode of our PS3 and we give it the option [4] Rebuild Database

6. Once this is done, you should have the PES208 Edition File on your PS3 with the updated Transfers.

Credits : LinkModz


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