FIFA 10 Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch World Cup 2018 Edition

FIFA 10 Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch World Cup 2018 Edition

FIFA 10 Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch World Cup 2018 Edition

FIFA 10 is the seventeenth title in EA Sports' FIFA arrangement of football computer games. Created by EA Canada, it was distributed by Electronic Arts worldwide under the EA Sports mark for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Wii.

FIFA 10 that I shared in this post is the latest FIFA 10 update for the 2017/2018 season created by Marian (TIM). In it there are various updates for FIFA 10 like boots, gloves, faces, scoreboard, transfers and so on. So for those of you who still play FIFA 10 to date can use the update from Marian (TIM)

Features : 

· 32 National Teams Updated to Official squads, kits,mini-kits,Fonts
· National flag logos added for all 32 teams (World cup format)
· Adidas Official ball World Cup 2018
· New TV Popups
· New scoreboard
· New Adboards
· New Menu Backgrounds
· New pitch color (Sunny and night)
· TIM’s latest faces
· Top summer transfers 18/19 (until 16.06.2018)
· FIFA 10 TIM’s latest 18/19 kits & mini-kits (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, As Roma, Inter, Galatasaray, Chelsea, Man City) Ukrainian
· Premier League Full kits+ minikits 17/18
· 17/18 kits For the rest of National Teams (thanks to FIFAMoro)

FIFA 10 Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch World Cup 2018 Edition

Installation :

1. Delete all files from FIFA10/data… excepting ,,audio’’ folder (,,audio’’ will not be deleted)

2. Extract ,, Marian(TIM)’s Superpatch 2018 (World Cup Edition) to FIFA10 (main folder) and replace the existing files

**FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 can be played in FIFA10 ,,Tournament Mode'' ,,Rest of World'' section. **

3. Play

Update 01 Installation

Extract the file ,, Update 01'' to FIFA10/data... and replace the existing files

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Credits : Mariantim, Kahn-Titan, ionutz2009, Neymar(Fery), xtofher, sgavina, vicoto09, theking14, ElCavegol ,Yamsk55, Bern_60er, Sehmsdorf-11, Always, Marcojuve89, attlee74, Pater71 and others


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