PES 2020 Scoreboard BBC Sports by Unknown32

BBC Sports

PES 2020 Scoreboard BBC Sports by Unknown32

New European Qualifiers scoreboard for PES 2020 PC, Before using this scoreboard, Scoreboard Server Module by Zlac has to be installed in your PC.



*Master league version has Coach/Trainer/Manager text on the Line Up screen.

PES 2020 Scoreboard BBC Sports by Unknown32

How to Install :

2. Extract scoreboard with WinRAR,

3. Choose your favorite scoreboard ML or Exhibition version.

4. After choosing your scoreboard version, Next create a new folder based on Scoreboard Name for example BBC Sport. Copy all content from ML or Exhibition to the folder that you have created before. Inside the folder should be like this.

5. copy BBC Sports Folder that you have created in steps 4 to


6. Open map_competitions.txt in this location \content\scoreboard-server\ and add this line

#BBC Sports
65535, BBC Sport

7. Save it and done. 

8. Run sider.exe and play PES 2020 via Steam.

*Choose it via Sider Overlay


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