FIFA 19 EEP 2019 V2.7 Season Patch 2019/2020

FIFA 19 EEP Season Patch 2019/2020

European Expansion Patch 19
First version of 19/20 patch for FIFA 19 by SlimOntario2033. Currently only working with FIFA 19 Full version. FrostyModManager DONT support any cracked/pirate version so I think it will not work if you use that!



- licenced teamlogos for all teams of serie a and serie b
- named calcio b to serie b
- licenced 19/20 league logo for serie a and b
- many new transfers like Malcom to Zenit, Maguire to ManUtd but also lower league transfers
- updated squads/transfers of serie a ( thanks to lorenzo and camper))
- mod compatible for august update.. also minikits work again!
- some TV logos you can assign if you want :)


- Most of 19/20 transfers for all big leagues (also every german league has all transfers)
- riesscars 19/20 kits
- fifa club word cup
- relegation/promotion for all european leagues (if promoted team is already in FIFA 19)
- Andys Adboad Patch
- 3 new national teams which are playable in career mode (Ukraine, Croatia and Serbia)
- new rest of europe teams which are inside the UCL/UEL qualification (no real kits yet)
- mixed german 4th league which is playable in career mode
- UCL/UEL starting in first season with qualification (also the teams which enter qualification / direct groups are like in 19/20)
- this patch replaces many south america teams. if you want to use them please switch to another patch. this is european expansion only!
Currently available in english, german, spanish (es),russia, italy,french, portugal (pt) and french! Other languages soon. :)

Download :

FIFA 19 EEP Season Patch 2019/2020

FIFA 19 EEP Season Patch 2019/2020

FIFA 19 EEP Season Patch 2019/2020

FIFA 19 EEP Season Patch 2019/2020


1. Download the Pack

2. Download and open (as administrator) FrostyModManager (if you need the encryption key...copy and paste: 19/Key-19.txt)

3. Go to your FIFA 19 directory and delete "ModData"

4. Download EEP, open with WinRAR/7Zip and apply all the mods to your FrostyManager (click left side on the bottom "Import Mods")

5. Create a order (on the right side) as I did on the following screen (importent is to have EEP at the bottom!). The order like on the screen is importent to get this mod working.

Sometimes you maybe have to click again on "Launch" if its not starting...I'm currently not sure why it don't start directly sometimes.. maybe a frosty bug. Also you need to wait a bit till fifa starts..

6. Go to your documents -> FIFA 19 directory and delete all "Squads" and "MatchDay" files if they are inside. otherwise ignore this step.

Otherwise FIFA will use them instead of my database.. also dont download latest squads in FIFA 19 press everytime "cancel" if FIFA trys to download them. :D

7. Delete the ModData directory INTO your origin games -> FIFA 19 folder...

Discord :

Credits :

- Fidel
- Riesscar
- Adioszpl
- Pipoca14
- Houss3m
- PMSuzuki
- FIFAChoiganiya
- Strssn
- Andy
- FIFAPlanet
- Racoon
- Hector
- TC

Changelog 2.0 :

- newest transfers
- fixed some potentially crashreasons
- added Algeria and Morroco as national team (without replacing default NT's)!
- included riesscars AIO 8.0 (many new kits)


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