PES 2019 New Gameplay Patch by Hels ( PES 2019 1.05.00 )

PES 2019 Gameplay Patch by Hels

New gameplay patch for PES 2019 PC. You can feel the diffrence between this gameplay and vanilla version :)

Changed values are the following:

Player Reaction Speed: 5.0385 - Above base reaction speed.
Ball Weight: 1010 - More weight into the ball (although someone reported that it didn't work like that)
Ball Rebound: 0.865 - Little bit less of rebound of the ball.
Shooting power: 0.85 - Standard shooting power, untouched.
Ball friction: -0.5 - Standard, untoched.

Use with EvoSwitcher 2019, with enabled speed modifier, and with ingame speed set to 0. And enjoy the beautiness of the game.

Download PES 2019 Gameplay Patch by Hels

How to Use :

1. Extract with WinRAR, copy PES 2019.exe to your PES 2019 game folder ( backup your original file first ! )

C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019

2. Play

Credits : Hels

Only works with PES 2019 Steam Version


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