PES 2019 Turf Loader v0.4 by Baris

PES 2019 Turf Loader by Baris

PES 2019 Turf Loader by Baris

Current version: 0.4
Minimum version of Sider required: 5.1.0


  • Injects randomly a turf based on the given probabilities for a team (see map_teams.csv)
  • Supports summer and winter turf
    • Summer, Fine: muddy or sandy turf
    • Summer, Rain: muddy turf
    • Winter, Fine: muddy turf
    • Winter, Rain: muddy turf
    • Winter, Snow: snowy turf
  • You can add as many pitch textures and turf withers as you want
  • Turf withers can be used for all stadiums, therefore they are some kind of generic

2. Copy folders "content" and "modules" to your PES2019 directory and overwrite the directories. No files of sider will be overwritten.

3. Add the following line to your sider.ini:

lua.module = "TurfLoaderForTeams.lua"

4. Save and run sider.exe as admin before starting PES 2019.

For Turf Modders

How to add new pitch textures

Respect the following folder structure, you'll need to copy files per stadium:


e.g.: content\turf-loader\pitches\st017\normal\v1

add the new path to map_pitches.csv:

e.g. turf-loader\pitches\st017\normal\v1

How to add new turf withers

Respect the following folder structure, copy the files to this location:


e.g. content\turf-loader\turf_withers\muddy\brighter

add the new path to map_pitches.csv:

e.g. turf-loader\turf_withers\muddy\brighter

note: type can be only: "muddy", "sandy", "snowy"


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