PES 2019 Referee Kit Server v2.0 for Sider 5.0.4 by Hawke

PES 2019 Referee Kit Server  for Sider 5 by Hawke

PES 2019 Referee Kit Server  for Sider 5 by Hawke

RefKitServer LUA module for PES 2019 Sider. Includes Referee kits for the following competitions.

Champions League
FA Community Shield
EFP Play-Offs
FA Cup
La Liga
Ligue 1
Serie A
World Cup

Current version: 1.0
Minimum version of Sider required: 5.0.4


GDB-style unlimited referee kit management
original referee kit packaging (identical folder structure and file names, as they are in .cpk files)
referee kit assignment to competitions via map_competitions.txt

Download PES 2019 Referee Kit Server 2019 for Sider 5 by Hawke

PES 2019 Referee Kit

Current limitations:

Inaccurate referee kit selection during replays - due to game design, saved replays do not include tournament_ID - if the referee kit used in saved replay has been assigned via map_competition.txt, then there is no way to re-select exactly the same referee kit during replay - exhibition mode referee kit is most likely going to be selected.

Referee collars are very limited ..If you decide to make your own referee kits & decide to use a different referee kit collar than the default referee_collar_066.fmdl you must extract the referee collar you wish to use from the game & rename it referee_collar_066.fmdl...This is because UniformParameter.bin is loaded only once & will instruct the game to use referee_collar_066.fmdl.

How to use:

2. Unpack v1.0 archive and copy folders content and modules inside your sider 5.0.4 folder

3. Add lua.module = "RefKitServer.lua" at the end of sider.ini

4. Customize map_competitions.txt files to add more referee kit folders in content\referee_kit-server folder (more instructions can be found inside .txt file)

NOTE: The kit pack that accompanies this module is for League & Cup modes..NOT for exhibition matches.


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