PES 2016 Realistic Gameplay Mod Update V2 by Mackubex

PES 2016 Realistic Gameplay Mod by Mackubex

Added new experience of PES 2016 Gameplay with PES 2016 Realistic Gameplay Mod by Mackubex. 

Mackubex Realistic Gameplay Features :

- Improved AI 
- CPU Team makes lots of combination plays & passes
- CPU Team makes more one-touch passes
- 4 Star to 5 Star Teams are harder to beat

- Improved & Much Better Goalkeepers for a more realistic gameplay
- Goalkeepers now have a better saving rates for all kinds of shots (one-on-one, free-kick, long goals)
- Both User & CPU Goalkeepers have the same high save rate (result in the game will depend on the goalkeeper's ratings & form)
- Goalkeepers now have a better clearing ability

Referees & Fouling
- AI now tackles you more & gets more fouls in order to get the ball (especially in rival & important matches)
- Referees now gives more Yellow Cards to CPU Team
- Referees now gives Red Cards at harsh tackles that injures an opponent player (makes it more realistic)
- Improved Shooting Mechanics (A lot better if you switch to Advanced Shooting which I also use)
- Improved Free-kick shooting mechanics (even from far out)
- Improved Ball Swerve/Curve

- Improved Short Passes & Long Passes (Now actually reflects the player's passing ratings) [No more players with below 65 short & long passing ratings that makes unbelievable passes]
- Improved Long Free-kicks
- Improved Ball Swerve/Curve

Installation :

1. Extract with WinRAR

2. Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\data\

3. Backup your original dt18_win.cpk and replace it with the new one !

4. Done !

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