FIFA 14 Community Patch + Update 2 Season 2018/2019

FIFA 14 Community Patch Season 2018/2019

This patch is called the 'Community Patch' for FIFA 14 made by HarryBullZak from SoccerGaming. FIFA 14 Community Patch is for seasons 17/18 with some updates for the 18/19 Season. Databases are created from scratch using F18, F17, F16, F15 and F14.

Features of FIFA 14 Community Patch :

Updated some transfers 2018/2019
New theme: (Modified by HarryBullZak)
Custom entrance graphic mods for all tournaments
4,000+ player faces
30,000+ mini face updates

Player stats have been adjusted so they will not drop in Career Mode
ALL Teams, Players and Leagues from FIFA 18 from 10th May 2018 EA squad update*
Contracts updated for most players up to 23rd September 2018
Expanded commentary names (Longer list of commentary names to choose from)
UPDATED new teams from MWM patch with official EA ID's
Increased gameplay difficulty (to remove delete file FIFA 14/Game/rma.ini and regenerate)

Premier League teams will have multiple season kits available for selection, including NEW 18/19 season, 17/18, 16/17, 15/16 seasons. Helps to keep Career mode 'fresh'.
ALL other teams from original FIFA 14 will have season 13/14 available to select as well as 17/18 kits
Updated kit overlays

New generic model boots - Nike, Puma, Adidas & Umbro
Players with potential 75+ will wear different boots when playing in the World Cup, Champions League & Europa League

Career mode:
Patch is built around the Career Mode
Career mode stories rewritten (English only)
Player retirement improved
Player growth improved
Transfer fees - Adjusted to current market, with length of contract, age, potential etc playing a major part in the value (Example in screens)
Wages - Huge hike in top players wage demands
Prize money updated for all competitions
Easier to sell fringe players
F18 Transfer budgets
Updated match day presentation

Legends & Icons:
These are scattered around the teams so you'll have to scout to find them
Ages will range from 17-20
Overall for each player has been adjusted to match players in their age range I.e. 50-70 ish
Potentials will match their previous FIFA games maximum overall/potential
Not all legends are world stars, some serious hidden talents can be found
I think there are about 200+ 'hidden' legends


Classic XI added to Rest of World
ADDED teams from Moddingway patch 19.0.0: Brasileiro, Chinese Super League, Europa League, Champions League, South American teams.
Everything unlocked

NOTE: Editing this patch using CM14/15 may reduce the stability of this patch. For the best experience just play the game as is. Also it will alter two very important files.
Database - players will lose some of their 'trait2' abilities such as Technical Dribbler. Not to be confused with Technical Dribbler in CM14/15. That trait is actually Speed Dribbler. Backup the 'players'txt' file to save the attributes and apply later using DB Master.

DLC - Back this up before editing in CM14/15. In particular 'settings.txt'. This contains the special teams information which is far larger than the 8 team limit CM14/15 creates. The game will randomly crash if there are faults in these files.

* 3. Liga, J1 League, K League, Saudi Professional League, Rest of Europe, Rest of America are not available to play in Career mode by default. These will have to be swapped either in game or via CM 15. These teams players can be searched and bought in Career mode. Excludes Women's International.

FIFA 14 Community Patch Season 2018/2019

FIFA 14 Community Patch Season 2018/2019

FIFA 14 Community Patch Season 2018/2019

FIFA 14 Community Patch Season 2018/2019

Forum :

Tutorial Installation  :

1. Open with WinRAR

2.  'Extract To' your FIFA 14 directory. IMPORTANT. This must be a fresh install non-pirated version of FIFA 14.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 14\

3. Click 'Yes to All' to overwrite all files. This may take a while as there are a lot files.

4.  Open File Master. Click the 'Regenerate Bh' button. It may take some time to regenerate all files.

5.  Start FIFA 14. Important: 'en-US' only. I've removed the option to change the language during the boot sequence.

6. Jump straight in to Kick-off for a North London derby or start career mode with Manchester City.

Credits : HarryBullZak, Jesse J Rutheford, RALE, ramzidz15, Rinaldo - Internal Master, File Master, CM14, 15 & 16, DB Master, RX3 Master & Face Master and more !



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