PES 2018 Scoreboard Server v1.1 for Sider 4.1.1 by Zlac

PES 2018 Scoreboard Server for Sider 4 by Zlac

New GDB-style scoreboard switcher/server for PES 2018 Sider

Minimum version of Sider required: 4.1.1


- GDB-style unlimited scoreboard management

- file packaging is identical to .cpk scoreboards - files for each scoreboard must be extracted from their original .cpk files and placed into separate folders (see image below)
- scoreboards are assigned to competitions via map_competitions.txt file - i.e. all teams participating in particular competition will use identical scoreboard - see the included map_competitions.txt file for some examples
- more than one scoreboard can be assigned to a single competition - in this case, script selects one scoreboard randomly


How to use:

1. Unpack v1.0 archive and copy folders content and modules to your sider 4.1.1 folder (overwrite if asked)

2. Unpack v1.1 archive and copy folder modules inside your sider 4.1.1 folder (overwrite if asked)

3. Add lua.module = "ScoreboardServer.lua" at the end of sider.ini file

4. Customize map_competitions.txt files (located inside content\scoreboard-server folder) and add your own folders with scoreboard files in content\scoreboard-server folder - !! initial distribution of ScoreboardServer does not include any custom scoreboards !!

Thread :

Changelog 1.1 : 

allows loading of more SB-related files - now it loads only files from the following paths (including all their subfolders):
common\menu (for general SB files)
common\render\symbol\flag (for customized team logos and/or NT flags that may go with the SB)

Credits: Juce, Nesa24 for sider


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